Thursday, 29 July 2010

Midnight Fetish ♥

Now is almost three o'clock on Friday morning.I still feel awake.Maybe my hormones started to develop and make me super awake at night but super tired in the morning.I'm sleeping very late these days.I don't really like it.In another way,I like it too.Sometimes I don't even know whether I'm okay like before.I think things more differently compared to before.Is it a good thing?I don't think so.Things for me is just worsen and will not be better.I should learn to accept that.

Yesterday.I had finished my CTS presentation.It was okay,I guess.At least Ms.Winnie said we are okay.At least she smiled.I really ope that my hard work pays.Thanks to myself for lending Sam my ulcer medicine before,now I got it back.I was so happy.Well,there is really 好心好報 in this world.A big clap for myself.

Will be going back later.Hope that can draw more closer to Him and family.Mom's birthday is on the 31th.I still haven't bought anything.What a disobedient daughter.Will be plan something tonight.

Gonna sleeps now.Girl have to sleep *early*.Y♥.


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