Sunday, 28 August 2011

You'll think of me.

Slowly, you embraced me.
With your strong arms as I paced forward.
I hold on my breath,
tried really hard not to picture you waving goodbye at me.
It was a quick hug,
short and simple,
safe and secure.
You made us think that you are worth the while,
for us to wait for the day you return.

To you, everything is beautiful.
You have no reason to be sad.
You seems cheerful everyday,
though there have been tough days.
Time seems to slow down whenever you're around.
Oh, how I wish you could stay longer,

same place,same target.

Saturday night,
Stood there and watched you gone sitting on the passenger side.
You seems to keep your emotions perfectly under control.
I can see your unwillingness,
It's written all over your face.
I looked away as you waved at us,
pretended to be caught on something,
blame it on my emotions inside,
I couldn't bring myself to meet your eyes,
I don't wanna break down,
I don't wanna to have this weird feeling.
In fact I felt a whole lot better when I turn myself away,
knowing that you will think of me when your're not with us.
I should never say goodbye because:
"Never say goodbye
because goodbye means going away
and going away means forgetting
." - Peter pan

we will be alright if you were wondering.
Lonely is the word to describe Christmas without you,
When we were putting up the decoration for the Christmas tree every year,
it's sad to notice one less pair of hands.

The day before when you were coming back.

But I know you are coming back soon,
hopefully for 3 weeks in next January.
I promise I will buy you some gifts for your birthday this year.
If only you are here with us for Christmas.
I will give up everything,
if we could travel back the time when we were still in primary school.
but it's never possible.

so please,
do me a favor,
Don't grow further and further,
just try to stay the same.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Who woke me up?

Staring back at the face in the mirror,
sometimes I feel like I don't know her anymore,
it's me, upon reflection,
She seems fine,
She seems cheerful,
but she has a pair of sad eyes,
oh why? oh why? why am I
ever so unclear of the situation around me?
ever so forgetful?
ever so silly, slow-witted?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the smartest of them all?
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the happiest of them all?

How I wish I have the reply: "You, my lady. You are full fair,smartest and the happiest."
pretty impossible,huh?

I blame myself for everything I am,
how could I ask for more,
I should have been tougher and smarter,
I should have been a good girl,
following my rules,
but now,this thing is breaking down,
how can I ever show someone tears that I haven't shed?
how can I still finding excuses to covered up my sin?
I don't really know how long it's gonna take to feel okay.

misty morning,
A perfect good day it is,
but bad luck is all I ever had for the whole day.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Like a Mermaid.

Fairy-tales sometimes may come true.
All you have to do is believe in it,
accept that miracles will happen,
held firm that one day they will all happen to you.

Listen to your every thought,
Follow your heart,
Don't ever allow your dreams to tear down and became a broken vow.
Dream Big,everyone.

Go after your dreams like Ariel,the little mermaid,
give up herself just to stay with her Prince Eric,

We should have stronger faith and bravery like her.

"If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all."
— Audrey Hepburn

Monday, 15 August 2011

Stay Close, Don't Go.

Staring at all the maths equations in front of me,
listening to Lil.Yvonne's explanation one by one,
I couldn't help but feeling blankly confused.
I know she thinks that I'm not trying,
but actually I did.
at least I tried to be focus.
Maths is so not my type! D:
Maybe I'm to blame for not being smart enough.
It's a shame that it has to end up this way.

I'm so glad that I finally got a call from residence saying that I can have a single room.
I always wanted a room all to myself,
especially when you have a twin sister sharing bedroom with you for 19 years.
but after 5 minutes,I regretted.
I have been so selfish,
I have been so unwise,
For now,
I'll do anything if I can shared my room with my sister for the rest of my life,
At least I have her here beside me.
We chased for different paths,
we know that we are separating,
I don't think I can ever accept this fact.
I cried suddenly last week when I saw her things laying untouched around the room,
how I wished she is there with me,
sharing everything together.

She's my best sister ever,
She's the one that I thank God every night to have her,
What's mine is hers,
So stay close,don't go.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sweet August.

Clear crystal water drops,
hitting hard on the window,
making some sort of rhythm I couldn't hum,
cold fresh air sneaked in through the open window,
Sometimes we just love rainy days,
although weather usually made things worst.

I'm learning to play "Back To December" by Taylor Swift,
It's been awhile since I touched my piano,
but there's no turning back,
I'm gonna pick up my piano skills again from now on,
musics soothed everyone,
so do me,
it's about time,
practices are required.

Btw,I went swimming with Mamsie and Lil.Yvonne yesterday night.
Flashing back to those memories I once knew,
from learning how to swim from a coach when I was a lil girl,
to playing jaws with daddy in the deep blue pool I once feared.
I couldn't help but smiling when the moment I jumped into the pool.
The feeling was crazy and awesome,
with water surrounded me up to my neck-length.
I can still remember the swimming movement and styles.
but it's really tiring after I stopped for so many years.
More practices too,eh?

I was curious sometimes,
about the feeling of skinny dipping in the middle of the sea,
and my hair flying and dancing around with the warm ocean-breeze.
Let's hope there's no sharks!
well,some of my friend told me that there're no sharks in M'sia.
but I don't think I will swim in M'sia's ocean in my whole entire life also.

My weekends almost end,
that means time to return to college, *sigh*
Alex's returning from his mission next thursday,
at least I have something to keep me alive and expecting. :D

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Chanson De Toile

Another Thursday, another day to fade,
I'm so so glad that tomorrow is Friday,
so that I can finally inhale some fresh air and relax.
The air in the city here is exhausting,complicating and suffocating.
unlike the sweet scent of fresh-cut grass back at home.

and finally,
new clothing for my nails after being naked for a long time. :D
not really pro at painting them tho.

Guess what?
I realized that I can actually sign up to play a role as a female vampire.
Saw my sharp teeth?

Alright, time to get serious.
Back to haunting down some food since I heard thunder striking.