Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sweet August.

Clear crystal water drops,
hitting hard on the window,
making some sort of rhythm I couldn't hum,
cold fresh air sneaked in through the open window,
Sometimes we just love rainy days,
although weather usually made things worst.

I'm learning to play "Back To December" by Taylor Swift,
It's been awhile since I touched my piano,
but there's no turning back,
I'm gonna pick up my piano skills again from now on,
musics soothed everyone,
so do me,
it's about time,
practices are required.

Btw,I went swimming with Mamsie and Lil.Yvonne yesterday night.
Flashing back to those memories I once knew,
from learning how to swim from a coach when I was a lil girl,
to playing jaws with daddy in the deep blue pool I once feared.
I couldn't help but smiling when the moment I jumped into the pool.
The feeling was crazy and awesome,
with water surrounded me up to my neck-length.
I can still remember the swimming movement and styles.
but it's really tiring after I stopped for so many years.
More practices too,eh?

I was curious sometimes,
about the feeling of skinny dipping in the middle of the sea,
and my hair flying and dancing around with the warm ocean-breeze.
Let's hope there's no sharks!
well,some of my friend told me that there're no sharks in M'sia.
but I don't think I will swim in M'sia's ocean in my whole entire life also.

My weekends almost end,
that means time to return to college, *sigh*
Alex's returning from his mission next thursday,
at least I have something to keep me alive and expecting. :D

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