Thursday, 20 May 2010

♥I'm just NOT into you♥

A Big thanks for the rain during the evening!! and also thanks for the big hot sharply burning sun that shone on my skin every afternoon when I'm heading off to my class!! Thanks for make my day so excited+ beautiful+soaking+burning!!I'm just so NOT into you!!

Btw,mom is planning a trip to penang this coming June...yay!! On a vacation,how fun is that goin' to be?? and guess what?? My bro is coming back,ps: with full of gifts!! Cheers fot the Gifts!!Hope he won't buy me a tiger pad for me anymore...teehee...erm,excuse me,I'm your GIRLY sister...haha...I'm so not into any wild animals...It's a blast he is coming back,I miss him.Hope he hasn't changed much and don't think me and Y are small kiddos again.

Hope for the best in future,:)Girl have to be happy.♥xoxo

~William Arthur Ward
A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.~

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Life has become very hectic for me although it is only the start of my 2nd week.Homeworks and lectures notes drove me nuts!!I couldn't even have a fun feeling when I'm doing my homeworks...even worst,I had my fever now...I hate it!!I always hated it!!I can't really concentrated when my head was dizzy-ing!! What a luck I have...

Back to the studies,I had really training myself to finished all my things everyday,keep every things in order,organized my stationery set,put everything back after I used it.I had to changed.This 2nd sem is a new start.I cannot went wild and crazy like the first semester and get a not-good results...aim for more c and d this time for me,perhaps??I have to really play my part in my world,to be a better person I was long to be.♥

Have to get my hands off the keyboard and go back on my work.You go!~♥Girl have to be tough!!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

♥Lover of my Day♥

Shopping out with your very own mother was NEVER BORING!! It's was very fun indeed.Especially when you are not the one who swipe off the credit card!! Teehee...good mommy girl turns bad...whoops ♡

After a hearty breakfast with daddy+mommy+Y,am really full to think of anything else.When dad's car pull off the main entrance of MV,just like Cinderella went off for the ball^ ^...3 of us get down and walk in...there we go!!

 Okay,so I'm not really a shopaholic as someone thought I was.I bought things I needed and love so much(as if!) and I'm sure I had not waste on anything I had bought(atg least I thought so).We had done a little bit of window shopping first,then off mom went to Eclipse,Carlo Rino,The Mod House,Topshop and other as well,me and Y as the follower,just can stay aside and can't stop admiring all clothes's perfect lining.So Not Fair! T.T

Besides,don't you ever looked down at 3 ladies's appetite!!We had our huge lunch at enquirer kitchen!! Surprisingly, mom agree with everything we want!!haha...this feels so good!! We did update a lot and I started to miss my life at home. and guess what??Mom told us her Love Life when she was a was popular!!Guess I'm just the opposite of her... T.T Like mother like daughter,Screw that quote...We did enjoy ourselves and I love mom more than ever!! Cherished this moment SOOOO MUUUCH!!♡

Shopped for weapons for 2nd sem after that!!haha...bought some stat. and a few things and at night 3 of us made potatoes salad!!Yummy...I never knew I was such a Potatoes-Lover before!!haha...

  Looks like I'm going to be a new Yvette after today...a fresh new start!!Gotta be toughen a bit(not being a crying baby anymore)haha...Girl had to turn to a brand new leaf!! Y.♥