Friday, 30 April 2010

Under the spell of "****"

Excited and lively are not the two words that could describe my feelings when I am "***ing"……haha...I'm not goin' to tell you that……^ ^ Lots and lots of status you could write and enjoy reading other's.OMG,am really under the STRONG spell of IT.

  By the way,results had came out yesterday.Guess what?I pass all of 'em.I couldn't be more happier!!Haha...I couldn't believe I had actually for the LURVE of God PASS my finite maths!!Mom mumbled: Thanks God! feelings had gone up high high and higher!!

It's seems to rain unstopped this few days.I hate Rainy day.I always do.It get all sticky+wet because of it.I really hate that feeling!!


  Next Monday will start my second semester...Funs off!!haha...Things had change lots...Hope for the best.Girl deserve a good semester.Y.♥

Friday, 16 April 2010

Great Hunter

All the while,I had been having some problem on my own.I love shopping malls.Screw me.I had been "grounded" from shopping malls for at least 10++ days and I started to felt weird.After all the stressing exams and highlight texts,I AM FREE!!

14.04.10,went shopping with my one movie.The "Date Night",funny+hilarious.Watch with Yv and T.My heart started to thumped excitedly when I saw all the spot light shone on all the merchandise! OMG,I LOVE this!!So I bought some things,not goin' to tell you what I bought and how much they cost...Shhh...Boo...Called me a Great Hunter,my hobby is hunt for SPARKLING THINGS!!

I went back early that day,which pissed me off because of some ""problem,I had not enjoyed.So I was thinking that goin' to shop crazily(keep giving out my RM notes) this very coming weekend!! Cheers for Shopping!!

Just have my dinner with my beloved D&M,love them sooo MUCH!! and D had gave me 15min lectures...I swore to myself secretly, "I want to STUDY HARD"!!

Hope my following sem break I will enjoyed and refresh myself.Girl deserve a fun holiday~Y.♥