Monday, 29 November 2010

Cure Injection.

Feeling better today,but maybe not.Idk.
It's 1am now,and I'm still practicing for my macro slides.
With L.Yv accompany me cause she is having mocks this week.
such a bloody busy week.

Last week of my foundation program.
I'm relieved,but yet started to missed it.
Days when I'm a college student seemed so far away.
and now I'm moving on,to a degree student.
to be more mature and responsible in everything.
I must be tough.
I guess I can't be soft anymore,it seems like everyone is taking granted on my softness.
They said I should be meaner and stand up to those who've hurt me.
I just smiled and leave it.
Maybe,maybe should I?

Some friends are not friends.
They just pretend that they are.
It's not that I fear you because I'd not fought back.
It just that I wanted to regain a little bit for our friendship.
If you're not appreciate,don't blame me.
My curtains are closing.

Gonna wake up early tomorrow.
Discussion's 8am.
Am gonna be happy today.Y♥.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

✿ Thanksgiving?

Today is Thanksgiving. suppose,to celebrate with my family.
I got so much to be thankful for,those days.
but after I realize that I can't seems to get out of this depression,
what am I still left to be thankful for?
The unsound pain? The strong guilt? The unseen miserable?
I'm scared. really am scared.
The dark is waving at me,and I'm heading towards it.
Fear but did not pause.
My tears are uncontrollably,

Wish to undo everything.Y.

The Worst.

The raining season was back.
Cool wind breeze coldly on my face,messing up my hair,and made me shivered.
No warmth against me.
I hate rainy days.

How I wish the wind can drift away the lament I'd faced.
how I wish the heavy pouring rain can wash away the guilt inside me.
how I wish the filthy raindrops can fall on my face,hard and chill.
so that feeling against the icy liquid,no one can sees my tears.
how I wished I could freeze to death.
Ugly truths.
Spoilt friendships.
Sea of guilt.
What's left?
Broken hearts. Y.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pieces of Me.

The latest update in HUC is the Beaute Et La Mode which was on last Friday.
Everyone was blogging about the prom.I don't feel like posting up anything or any photos. So,spare me. :p

Seriously,people must think that I'm maybe are good in make up.I don't.Spare me again please.I'm suck in beautifying my face especially using those crazy tiny eye-pencil or eyeliner,whatever you called.
but,I LOVE manicure!! :)
despite my clumsiness,I redo my nails almost every week.(gonna get a frown from mom)
but relax mommy,I did let me nails to rest and breath in some fresh air without barring the heavy thick colorful clothes.

Having seafood every weekend back at home.Yummy.
Mom did a great job in cooking every delicious meal for us to keep us healthy.
Thanks mom and love you!! :)

and and and yeah!! Alex called back on Saturday night!Daddy was telling me the synopsis of the new drama we watched and L.Yvonne asked me to go upstairs to answer his phone.How dare haha.
Having a short but sweet chat with him.My,I missed him more than I think.
Ugly truth: He said that I'm ugly with my make up on.I know.Stop telling me that.
Sweet truth: He said my dress is pretty and he didn't really noticed my friends.Good.I 'm the one you should noticed.Not others.I don't want you to noticed them.I'm being jealous,someone punch me please. :p

Postscript:yes,there are too much lies and liar around me.I knew that.I just peaced out and ignored it.
Going back on Tuesday but coming back on Wednesday.
Looking forward to go shopping again. :)
I feel like smelling a dusty rose.
and,I missed my curl hair.Y♥.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


It happened by pure accident,that I'm here.
My excuses,after being zombified for almost a week,since last Saturday.
I couldn't sleep early. although posting this will definitely gets rolling-eyes from mom. but I do eat well.I'm getting chubbier and fuglier these days thanks to the stress on excessive notes and texts. :(
Am going on a diet now.Trust me.I will lose weight.Hope so by friday although it's impossible.

Despite the stress,prom's coming.
It's a tiny candy for my zombie-life. but somehow there was this small little fear inside me that pulls me away from the sweetness of this candy.The fear sometimes punch me,hard. and it's hard to grab hold of everything in control without torning up.

Yes,I am a dreamer. and I hope to achieve every dreams I had,on my own.I disallowed those intruders that clashed into my life and crashed it.I have my own future rely on me.No one's going to tell me who I should be.I'll tell them who I am.I trusted myself.and I shall not fear of anything because I know that no matter what happen,He's with me,holding my hands and lead me to Him.
and yes,I still dreamed of taking daddy to New York City someday. and I shall die with no regrets."I bear a charmed life".

My lashes are heavy now.Gonna hit the bed soon.
Feel like dressing up my Barbie Doll.LOL.

Lets hope tomorrow's a great fine day.
Dream Big,Darling Yvette♥

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I Heart ♥ Pink. No Doubt.

I've been busy.(look at the date of my last post)
It's been a week.A not-so-stressful week. :)

A very familiar ring-tone woke me up on 0730 this morning.
Which means mom's calling. That early.On an official holiday.Deepavali.
I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath after hanging up the phone.
Which means Mom & Dad are coming over to fetch us for breakfast in 20 minutes time.
and I'm still dizzy,and haven't pack my stuff.
But after that I had a very heartfelt breakfast,or should be my brunch,in a cozy coffee shop.The shop is almost same like the Old Town Coffee Shop,just that the name is different.
I had my worst drink ever.Sugarless hot lemon tea.Urghhhhhhh. but I had to flushed it all down to my throat to prevent wastage. :(
and yet,I'm still dizzy.

My week had been good.
Got most of my papers back.and I'm quite satisfied with my Macro.Which is the one I worried the most.I shouldn't. :p
and I didn't ate any fast food this week!!Good girl,eh?
except maybe Subway,I don't know whether it's counted as one.
I'd eaten lots of bread this week.3 days in a row.I'm becoming the next Mom(bread-lover).

Excessive sleep? Mhmmmm, No. :)
Marketing assignment is almost done,which I'm glad.Got some unhappy incident happened,again.
and got commented by ShaunD again,on my nails.but he praised mine this time.:)

A lot of people commented on my cute pinky Hello Kitty pencil case.
Even Ms Renee. and my not-so-close classmate.
Some said too pinkish;Some said it got no mouth(PS:A Lecturer);Some complained why I even bought her(my Pinky is a HER),She drove many little girls crazy...and a lot more.
I still remember mom smiling but shaking her head when I was taking Pinky and head for the cashier.Ha-ha.

I realize that I'm really into long-sleeves shirt these days. :)
Am I weird. Okay I know I am.
Prom's next friday.I'm quite looking forward to it.
Girls just wanna have fun!! :)

PS: today is Friday,not Thurs.Look at my date.See?