Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Somehow I wish I could drive.

They said one's BFF(s) are always their secondary school friend.Indeed,that was very true to me.In school,I don't usually belonged to one gang.I'm always the fit-able one to any gang.Seriously,any gang.Good friends are anywhere and everywhere,but not best friends.

Over at my house today.Three of 'em.Having a lots of fun juicy gossips on my bed.Some of my precious were being tortured too!!! *sobs* They are just so violence.
and guess what? we played my old Barbie Doll.All these years I'd been trying to find someone to play with me.Bad luck that my sis don't play with me.She smirks at me and shakes her head.At last,I'd found my group.Ha-ha.Barbies are so fun! But I'm kinda surprised when mom smiled at me and said "Go and play on the floor." I happily carried the huge pink box to the living room and started to place a home for my Barbie and her babies.Oh my,how I missed the old time playing dolls and talked to them in secret...Daddy will said that I'm hopeless and childish ha-ha. :p

Feels like writing much but am really fighting hard against my eyelid.Wish to hang out with them tomorrow,but nobody's fetching me. *sobs*
and I hate it when someone is fetching me both going and coming back .I felt useless because I'm wasting people's petrol and don't know a single thing about driving.
They are fetching me tomorrow.
and I felt more useless. :(
Quiet now.

Sunday, 26 December 2010


of the results tomorrow.Gee.
I'd been a good girl all these while.
Hopefully I can passes all so that I can go out,to set myself free.
I'd been sleeping late like a pig these few days,
to avoid the tickling furious fear in my heart.
I'm still scared!!!
Someone saves me please...

Monday, 20 December 2010

"I Do"

I dreamt of marrying a handsome prince charming someday when I was young.
Not now,of course,reality doesn't allowed that to happen.
I dreamt of myself dancing lightly in my very own puffy snow-white wedding dress.
or maybe I can go with dusty rose color dress?
I shouldn't have dream of this.Now I can't get the dress out of my mind.

"For Him,I do."

When the church bell rang "ding dong" on the top of the roof,
the priest started his speech,
With the presence of God,husband and wife speak out their vowels,looking at each other with unspoken love in their eyes.
Holy sweet words.
"Your cup will never be empty;for I will be your wine."
I love this phrase from the movie : Corpse Bride
Wedding rings then exchange.
and at last,the priest announce:"by holding hands,I now announce they are Husband & Wife."
How sweet.
Like a fairy tale.
Prince & Princesses live happily ever after.

and I'm still here,day-dreaming,that one day my hopes will come true.

Party tomorrow.
Very looking forward to meet CY again.
Girls have lots to update!!♥

Monday, 13 December 2010

Penang Getaway

If I were given a choice,I would choose Alexis instead of Yvette.
Although it don't sounds girlish that everyone think my name suppose to be,
but it's kinda classy and cool.
Maybe I should name it after my girl♥?Ha-ha.

Home sweet Home now.
Felt so dead tired.Penang was fun,but exhausting.
Were having a lot of good food and good time.
Don't feel like blogging everything.
Photos will do the talking. :p

On the bus

TV screen

I had my book.Hmmmmphhh mom. :p

Who said my momma isn't cool?

Like family photo haha,but that is not my dad!!

Love mommy the most!! Muackssssss.

At Sakae Sushi.

Luckily this time,the weather don't failed me in Penang.
Raining everywhere and almost every-time.
I wasn't rared cooked then,blessed.

One thing is,I'm kinda regret for letting mom watch korean drama on the bus in the first place.Ha-ha.
She watched and watched,leaving me alone with my book and ipod.
This is "child-ignored".
and now she's still watching.
Hopefully she will end it by tomorrow,then I could drag her for shopping.
Christmas gifts are so needed to be bought.
Christmas tree are also need to be put up.Tomorrow maybe?

Post-script: I was being insane tonight.Maybe I shouldn't have get jealous when she told me that she was having REAL fun these few days.I'd think too much and these thinking needed to be stop.The decision was made by myself.I couldn't blame anyone.

and I'd missed you much.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Evening Getaway

I never know my mom can be such a huge shopaholic!!!
I'd only realized this evening. More and more shopping bags were carried by us after one shop to another.
I'm the one who keep worrying about mom's purse. How funny. or maybe I should not,she has her cards. :)

I am supposed to study hard today.
I'm supposed to finish 2 chapters of my Marketing today.
but mom ruined my plan by asking me to join her for crazy shopping.
and I'd said "yes".
but I don't really felt regret or depressed. :p
maybe because of some good food and new clothes?

PS: Thanks WH for being my stats tutor again,don't laugh at my stupidness okay,haha ROLF... :) wish to see you on Christmas partay!!

Seriously,can't wait till friday,
then I am free free FREE!!! like a bird!!!

dead tired today.Gonna hit the bed soon.
0800 tomorrow? yeah I guess so.