Monday, 6 December 2010

Evening Getaway

I never know my mom can be such a huge shopaholic!!!
I'd only realized this evening. More and more shopping bags were carried by us after one shop to another.
I'm the one who keep worrying about mom's purse. How funny. or maybe I should not,she has her cards. :)

I am supposed to study hard today.
I'm supposed to finish 2 chapters of my Marketing today.
but mom ruined my plan by asking me to join her for crazy shopping.
and I'd said "yes".
but I don't really felt regret or depressed. :p
maybe because of some good food and new clothes?

PS: Thanks WH for being my stats tutor again,don't laugh at my stupidness okay,haha ROLF... :) wish to see you on Christmas partay!!

Seriously,can't wait till friday,
then I am free free FREE!!! like a bird!!!

dead tired today.Gonna hit the bed soon.
0800 tomorrow? yeah I guess so.

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