Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maybe fairytale DOES exist after all.

The Hottest update around the world now is The Royal Wedding.
By looking at them,it's like a real fairytale.
Vowels,rings-exchanged,kisses from the prince,the gowns,
Maybe fairytale does exist after all.

I remember used my own "hard-saved" pocket-money to buy a book when I was young,
about the life of Princess Diana.
I was an immature child then,not knowing of everything,
I hated Prince Charles,by treating his wife badly and coldly.
I want them to have a happy ending,like every princes and princesses.

I loved that book so much but I don't know why I ended giving this book to my friend.
Maybe I don't want mama to find out that I bought my own book without her permission.
I am super regret now. :(
Life must have been hard on them,I shouldn't have blamed anyone.

The point is,
now that Prince William was taken,
should go for Prince Harry then,ha-ha.
Oh my,
Someone destroy my dream please!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Worst Night Ever

Nightmares aren't always related to scary monsters or white-y ghosts.
Sleepless nights are,together with PMS.
I couldn't sleep for the whole night.
Hot night air made me breath even more harder.
Funny tickles and bloody pain in my stomach hits me hard,
reminded me every seconds that I'm bleeding underneath.
I never been so in pain.
I cried.
I prayed.
Still,it doesn't work.
What about my sweet fairy-tale dreams?
I'm supposed to dream about them in this hour.
Clock's ticking fast and I started to get frustrated.
No used trying to clear away your hidden thoughts.
I still can't dozed off.

It's 8 something now.
Didn't sleep much.
Mamsie can stop worrying about me having excessive sleep.Ha-ha.
Guess I should go take a chilling cold bath now.
then there goes my finals.
Aloha books,bye-bye fun!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hot Flash In Ma ♥

He is HOT.
So Hot.
My Harvard Hottie. Sigh.

When his eyes get serious.

Screams + Fanning self.
That's all I'm here.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What about now?

So many things had happened in just a few days.
Bad news spread fast.
I still can't accept the fact that you have gone forever.
Fighting back my tears,I said a prayer silently.
I asked God,
Heavenly Father,why? to take her with you in such a hurry?
leaving all the sadness and loneliness behind,
just when they needed her the most.
I just couldn't understand Your plan.
Still,no one to answer me,
Left all my questions behind.

My heart is in pain. So pain.
An unknown feeling rushed into me when I looked at your beautiful face.
I tried to memorize your face,cause I wanna remember you forever,
though you never knew my existence.
There you laid,peacefully.
Where are you now exactly? I wonder.
Probably surrounded by beautiful angels,eh?
or sitting on Father's feet?
I'd like to believe that. :)

Final's coming.
and I still hanging there,nor up or down.
In the middle,I suppose.
I should find a ladder soon. Y.