Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maybe fairytale DOES exist after all.

The Hottest update around the world now is The Royal Wedding.
By looking at them,it's like a real fairytale.
Vowels,rings-exchanged,kisses from the prince,the gowns,
Maybe fairytale does exist after all.

I remember used my own "hard-saved" pocket-money to buy a book when I was young,
about the life of Princess Diana.
I was an immature child then,not knowing of everything,
I hated Prince Charles,by treating his wife badly and coldly.
I want them to have a happy ending,like every princes and princesses.

I loved that book so much but I don't know why I ended giving this book to my friend.
Maybe I don't want mama to find out that I bought my own book without her permission.
I am super regret now. :(
Life must have been hard on them,I shouldn't have blamed anyone.

The point is,
now that Prince William was taken,
should go for Prince Harry then,ha-ha.
Oh my,
Someone destroy my dream please!!

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