Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Over Chili's at BSC

8.00am: woke up by alarm.
8.30am: Rubbed my eyes & headed to the bathroom.
8.45am: Sat on my chair & stared blankly at my desk.
9.00am: Fully awake.Grabbed Yvonne to shop for groceries.
9.30am: Thinking of cooking.
10.00am: Cook.
11.00am: Face-booking.
11:15am: Spotted Mom on facebook.
11:30am: Mom called.
12.00pm: Had my Lunch.
1pm something: Jiachee knocked on my door.Asking for outing to MV.I rejected her.
2pm something: Thinking about washing dishes.
3pm something: Watch Romeo & Juliet.
4pm something: Mom called again,asking us to join a meal treat.DEFINITELY YES!
5pm something: Rush to shower.
6pm something: Meet Up with DAD & MOM!
Pah! I'm super duple triple FULL now.
Thanks 2 Dad & Mom for saving me from the suffocating hostel.
I did not expect a meal treat when mom called.
I rushed to take my shower after hanging up my conversations with mom.
I'm so duh,exited,maybe?(a feeling that you had been save by a hero or maybe heroine!)

Still,being taken out,there are some prices to pay.
1.Wait at Chili's Lounge for 45 minutes? I guess?
(made me feel jealous of famous people which they can "Reserved" their tables)
2.The food was long enough to be cooked.
3.Although you are so full,you have to finished whatever you've ordered.
(either gobbles all down and swallow it with full mouth of soda or slowly chew it)

Even Princess have to wait. :(

More waiting.

Window panes.


Okay,I know my skills sucks! :p

Mamsie & Me!!

Daddy doesn't want to be in the camera,though he is a professional photographer. :(
Thanks Dad & Mom once again.
I felt so warm today.Happy National Day.

Thanks God for giving me a big meal treat today.
I guess I'm being a good girl today? hah :)

Tomorrow's class 8am.
Girl have to sleep early.Y♥

Monday, 30 August 2010

A Note to God

Have been listening this songs ever since I'm back in hostel.
Love it.

If I wrote a note to God
I would speak what's in my soul
I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away
And for love to overflow

If I wrote a note to God
I'd pour my heart out on each page
I'd ask for wars to end
And for peace to mend this world
I'd say, I'd say, I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love cause love is overdue
And it seems like so much is goin' wrong
On this road we're on

If I wrote a note to God
I'd say please help us find our way
End all the bitterness
Put some tenderness in our hearts
And I'd say, I'd say, I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love cause love is overdue
And it looks like we haven't got

I'm Blessed. :)

I'm a Good Girl,eh?

It's a Monday night.
Suppose to be a school night.
I am being a good girl today.
I'm not going out tonight. :)

I have been stucking in my room after shopping in Giant.
Then cook.Y said I am doing a great job on cooking the beans.It is a huge encouragement for me. :) Thanks little Y.
Since I have nothing better to do in my room,guess what,I decided to clean my room!It's a huge cleaning process,now my back spine is hurting me crazy.

My organized closet!Mom will definitely gives me Thumbs Up!!:)

My Books!!


No more scattered CDs!!:)

A book I've been reading since I'm Back.A loan from Alex.Also,a book from England. :)

A Gift from Weng Kee to Alex to Yvette&Yvonne.

I am a good & hardworking girl right? *blushing*
Love God and My Family.Y ♥

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Family is something to do with LOVE.It's a group of people sharing close relationships.
My family is AWESOME!!Daddy,Mamsie,Alex,Yvonne & Me!!♥
We shared memories,fun,ups & downs in our lives.Memories of us are the most cherish-able things my life.

Burger & Fries bought by daddy when I'm having finals,thanks daddy for sending it up to hostel♥

Herbal Tea bought by Mom when I'm having a HUGE ULCER!!! :)

Our Kitchen!

bird's nest stewed by Alex on Mom's Birthday. yummy

I guess that God create parents and siblings for one to help them to go through every ups and downs in their lives.We must cherish the relationships.Love,Y.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Looking Back

Despite a mosquito is flying around me,trying to suck my blood,I'm extremely in a Good mood.

Time flies when you are unaware of it.2nd Sem' results was out this evening.HAHA,that's all I can say for my results.Satisfied?No.Regret?No.I can only laugh about it and shout out "Thanks God."

Looking back,I'm still remember all my books and paper scattered around my study desk;pencils and highlighter busily taking notes on my book;hair all pinned up to be a nerd.I will not said that I hate this kind of life,but I'm kinda missed it.Called me CRAZY!

3rd semester is starting.5 more days to go,I guess I have to start trying to get hold of my pencils,PS: I haven't touch a pen for 13days!!Girl have to get ready. :)Thanks God for everything.I trust in You.Amen!

xoxo,Y ♥

Sunday, 22 August 2010

♥ Great Day (To be continued) ♥

I was totally out of my mind and insane yesterday.I rejected mom for offering me to buy any outfit I want!I guess my anger level yesterday had rise upon my rationality level.I'm a complete freak yesterday.

We do had our hearty big lunch+dinner (dunno what's that called) at the otak-otak restaurant.I don't quite like Malaysian delight,haha (I'm a HUGE FAN of western food) but I guess the restaurant turned out to be quite amazing.We order lots of food.Really lots.I felt like I never wanted to eat these food for the rest of my life,but who knows,my quote won't last.I might going to regret for saying that someday.
Pretty Mom+Me

Mom + A

Don't feel like uploading the food.The line here is driving me nuts...to be continued...

xoxo,Y ♥

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Je t'adore ♥

Getting ready for a party now.I'm extremely exited.Will upload pictures the day after tomorrow.

xoxo.Y ♥

Sunday, 15 August 2010

♥ Favourite Love Story ♥

"For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

-Prince, Act V, scene iii

Oh,i just LOOOOOVVVEEE the story of Romeo&Juliet.I love the book dearly.I love the movie so much!!Romantic yet too tragic for me.I had been begging and urging throughout the movie,begged that Romeo don't ever drank up that poison.I guess I'd failed.Shakespeare was cruel,though I love him.Such a unfortunate love story.I remember that I'd watched this with my siblings when I was very young,11 years old,maybe?I'd forgot.I could somehow remember some script the actor is playing.I just love Romeo&Juliet.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Blame It On My Busy Schedule ♥

I am So So So gonna update my blog soon.Sooner but Later.Too much of outing sometimes will ruin my plan aka be a nerd= read lots of books and magazines.I have to estimate myself.Went out almost every day after final,Dad's aggressive towards sending us for breakfast,I guess that mom doesn't have to worried about me not having breakfast.Have plans for many other days...Guess I have to fully charge myself.♥ Girl have to stay stronger enough to go out...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Recovering ♥

I cried when I can't get hold of myself anymore.I shouted when I couldn't take things anymore.I hated myself when all things go all wrong.I don't want that to happen.I'm starting to be fear and terrified of them.Depression,Sober,Fear,Stress,Guilt,Disappointed,these things can really make one's feeling dying in their heart.Just like the Me yesterday.Tears are like waterfall,filled my eyes,springing down my cheeks.I tasted it.It's Salty.More depression.*sobs*

I felt quite cheerful today.It's not about a good day had started.Sunlight wasn't there when I woke up today.I can't get my energy from it.It's not about I had my breakfast today,which it's a rare thing for me to do.It's all about love.I got love from family&friends.I guess that their love remind my existence.I am still here.I'm still myself.Thanks guys,you all remind me that I'm still there.Thanks for your big love.Thanks Sam&Kerly,♥you guys are the best!!Thanks daddy&mommy and Yvonne,your love makes me strong♥.I guess I can get through it now.

Yes.I'm recovering.I can do this.I can go on with my life.♥Girl have to stay strong.

Wynne & Ade dear,do cheer up okay.I know that you two are depressed today.I know you are tired,but let us strive for our best okay?Promise me.Troubles are like washing machines, they twist, turn & knock us around, but in the end we come out brighter than before.So my dear,get over it.Whatever is bothering you,get over them.There will be no fear if you refuse to be afraid.I am very emo and tired and depressed these day,you can read my feelings through my blog,but I'm recovering now,I am.I don't wanna you 2 to be emo.I love you all.I give you all the love.Can you feel it now?I gained love from friends and family,that's why I'm stronger now.So I am passing my love to the two of you.cheers okay.I want you all to be happy.I love the two of you.♥

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Weaker than Ever.

Got back my Acc and adv.Eng overall marks again.Sucks.Guess I need to put a lot more effort to my study(which I thought I'd put enough).I;m not satisfied with my research paper.I worked so hard on it but in the end I'm still a failure.A big failure.Tomorrow are going to have my last presentation on micro.Grreat.I'm so not going to sleep tonight.

Why do things don't get better when they are supposed to?I'm curious.

I really hate myself these days.I guess I'd said billion times already.I know.I just can't help but hate myself more.I'm such a rotten person.I hate myself.There's this girl in the mirror, I wonder who she is. Sometimes I think I know her and sometimes I wish I did. There is a story in her eyes, lullabies, and goodbye. When she's looking back at me I can tell...she's hurting inside.

Guess that I'm not going to blog these few days.I had to pick up my broken pieces and glue them together.Just hope that everything's going to be alright the day after finals.Y.♥

Monday, 2 August 2010

Greatest Fear

Things did get a little bit better today.Besides some tears that I couldn't control of,I'm okay.I'd tried to smiled.I'd tried to talked to others.I'd tried to finished my work.I think I'm quite happy today,can I count it as happy?I don't know.Just like what Ms Selina told me,Happy is a state of mind.It's me who decide whether I can be happy or not.Thanks Ms Selina,but why am I felt that I'm struggling for not let my tears falling down?Why am I doing this?I had wanted to be happy.I don't want to be emo.Why I just couldn't let go of my pains?

Message from God:
On this day of your life, Yvette, we believe God wants you to know ... that what you are most afraid of is where your greatest rewards are.
If all you had to do was wish for something and you would have it, life would be pretty boring, wouldn't it? God placed barriers between us and what we want, so we can enjoy interesting and satisfying lives. God hid our biggest rewards behind the highest barriers - our deepest fears. God wants us to face our fears, and hold ground in their presence, and let them go, and that's how we get out biggest rewards. What are you most afraid of? Say it, just start by saying it.

Is it true?My greatest fears?Am I be going to find out soon?What am I afraid for?Y.

Sunday, 1 August 2010