Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Night To Remember

That's Ma Boy!! :)

Finally fulfilled my wish for July by watching Captain America tonight.:D
It was awesome!!
I still can't get enough of Chris Evans!
Sweet people around me might started to get bored of me,
cause I actually blushed and talked a lot whenever the topic is around Captain A or Chris E.

Went to Chilis with Lil.Yvonne,Nadia & Harry after movie.
The night was real fun and memorable.
It's the night that I can finally put down all my burdens and lamentos behind.
and I laughed so hard about everything,
It felt so good and so right to be laughing again.
How I wished the night wouldn't have ended so quick.
Such a magical night that is. :D

I still have a lot of things to go through starting tomorrow,
mostly the tough one,
I'm responsible for my own mood swing.
I'm a big girl, I bet I can handle myself eh?
Dream big,Yvette. xxxo

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

You'll Survive.

I'm tired of everything.
Tired of being the peace-maker,
tired of faking a smile everytime,
tired of all these drama around me,
C'mon,give me a break!

Oh I couldn't have ask for more,
if only I could earn your smile,your happiness.
It's not about me,it's about you.
You're like a new-born bird,
learning to fly,
but you ain't got wings,
you tried to adapt into life,
but you failed on the way,crashed down hard,
and you got tired of your own messes,
you locked yourself into this small room, sinking,
leaving yourself to fade and hoping you will vanished outta here.
soon then,you can't even recognize yourself anymore,
cause you got nothing left to lose.

But I'm telling you girl,
turn your life around.
You still inhaling,
so it's a fresh new start,
stop caught up in every problem you have,MOVE ON!
So what if life beat you down?
just hide your loss and pull yourself back together,
face your future with self-reliance,
accept whatever you've got,
and start to build up your dreams again, from God's knows where,
you'll know if you get there,
don't ever turn back,
aim for the destination,we're all working hard on it,
Ignore those hurtful devils that would bring you down,
I'm sure you wouldn't cared less,
so chin-up,straighten your back,
then you will got yourself back again.

yours truly,

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Who needs the world if I got my family.

I like waking up seeing that everything is okay,
I'm not a morning person,
waking up is the hardest part for me every single morning,
and I hate the thought that I have to roll outta bed and get down on my feet.
Unfortunately I can't sleep late at home,
for daddy, it's not a nice thing to do.

So I got up early this morning,
went breakfast with family,
without missing my bed like a child misses his blanket,
and I'm loving every minute of it!
It's the first time in my whole entire life that I woke up without a forcing smile or displeasure frown,
This is frightening at first, and a lil not possible,
and I still can't believe that I had that very quick peaceful moment.
It's perfect and true,how shocking!

btw,I made dumplings with Mamsie this afternoon,
It's my first time to chop some raw meats,like a butcher, :D
fill the fillings and fold the dumplings.
but my skill ain't good enough,
turns out my dumplings's skins are too thick,
but still yummy tho. :)

Human might be hurtful sometimes,
they chained their doors,put up their defenses and weapons to protect themselves.
But for those who're not guard up and all innocent,
they get broken hearts easily.
Ask me,if I'm the one,
but honestly I tell you,
I'm always the weaker one,
it's a family trait,I guess.

So for those hurtful people with your blazing sword out there,
don't cross over someone's limit.
Fool me once, shame on you,
but fool my family,you're a dead meat.
Just take note of that.

It's only July and I already started to miss the mistletoe on my Christmas tree.:D

Friday, 15 July 2011

If we hold on together.

I can show you the world,
Tell me,Princess,
When did you last let your heart decide~

I paused everything on my hand after hearing those lyrics.
I don't know why but it just hit me hard,
like someone smacked me hard across my face.
These past few weeks were been so pathetic for me,
I tried to find a place where I can hide,
I tried to run away from reality,
but now I just wanna go home.
I just wanna go home.

Have a really fun and warming night with family over Chilis.
How I missed all the moments when we were together,
I tried to remind myself that anything can happen anytime,
This moment is beyond perfect,
and I couldn't trust this feelings,
It's too good to be true,
I was afraid, fearing that something bad will happen,
but I was wrong,
I must have been blind,
They are just the same,as always,
which knocked me hard once,
I must have been crazy to have a thought like that.

I should really get some beauty sleep now,
no more excessive sleep tomorrow,
and no more spoilt food from tomorrow onwards.
I'm gonna treat myself well starts from tomorrow,
like a princess,
a real princess.

Someday,when I'm awfully sick or in deep lamento,
I guess I will sit by the window,
and figured everything out,
and maybe,
I'm turning back for home. :D

Monday, 11 July 2011

Unchained Freedom

Oh here I am,standing here,
I was alright,for awhile,
but only for awhile.

I'm scared of the dark,
I'm scared of the coldness in the air,
I don't actually remembered,
how my tears were stopped,
is it through millions of words?
or through thousands of faked smile?

It was tough standing alone,
struggling by yourself,
so so tough.
Screw all those quotes,
"Us standing against the world",
now it's just me alone,
"Me standing against the world",
standing against all the hurtful teases,
hurtful glances,
hurtful words.

There's no laughter in the air,
only silence everywhere,
the moment the elevator close,
I couldn't control myself,
I couldn't help but starring at your back,
crying silently.

Where do I belong?
how can I go on?
How am I suppose to live a world like this?
I really feel like burning the map,
and disappear,
escaping to anywhere but here.

I cried in the night,
I'm just trying to hold on,
No one can hear me,
I'm all alone.

Monday, 4 July 2011

I just wanna have fun!!

My brother Alex is back in town today!! :D
He landed this morning,too bad I have to stuck in hostel for the week.
I can't wait to go back home.
Lil.Yvonne too is having a vacation at Penang with her bunch of friends.
She's probably snapping photos,tasting good food,buiding sand-castle,bbq-ing somewhere in that little town,
One thing in Penang,you should have a thick sunglasses to fight against the huge UV-ray. or you will be medium-rare or even fully-cooked.
With siblings all having long breaks,
how can I be not-tempted? :'(

Bought two private journals just now,
Oh my,they cost a lot.
Ask me in private if you want to know the price of each book,
I'm not gonna post it here to avoid being labeled as "super books-buyer".
I love them very very much!!
I'm too afraid to spoil them with my ugly handwriting.Lets hope not.

In the inside.

and I spotted this in Mid-valley just now.
Guess who's this?

I'm going crazy!!!!!!!

Exams coming up.
Patience, Yvette,
wait for another two weeks,
then you can rest and enjoy for awhile.
Grateful. :) xoxo,Y.