Friday, 15 July 2011

If we hold on together.

I can show you the world,
Tell me,Princess,
When did you last let your heart decide~

I paused everything on my hand after hearing those lyrics.
I don't know why but it just hit me hard,
like someone smacked me hard across my face.
These past few weeks were been so pathetic for me,
I tried to find a place where I can hide,
I tried to run away from reality,
but now I just wanna go home.
I just wanna go home.

Have a really fun and warming night with family over Chilis.
How I missed all the moments when we were together,
I tried to remind myself that anything can happen anytime,
This moment is beyond perfect,
and I couldn't trust this feelings,
It's too good to be true,
I was afraid, fearing that something bad will happen,
but I was wrong,
I must have been blind,
They are just the same,as always,
which knocked me hard once,
I must have been crazy to have a thought like that.

I should really get some beauty sleep now,
no more excessive sleep tomorrow,
and no more spoilt food from tomorrow onwards.
I'm gonna treat myself well starts from tomorrow,
like a princess,
a real princess.

Someday,when I'm awfully sick or in deep lamento,
I guess I will sit by the window,
and figured everything out,
and maybe,
I'm turning back for home. :D

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