Monday, 4 July 2011

I just wanna have fun!!

My brother Alex is back in town today!! :D
He landed this morning,too bad I have to stuck in hostel for the week.
I can't wait to go back home.
Lil.Yvonne too is having a vacation at Penang with her bunch of friends.
She's probably snapping photos,tasting good food,buiding sand-castle,bbq-ing somewhere in that little town,
One thing in Penang,you should have a thick sunglasses to fight against the huge UV-ray. or you will be medium-rare or even fully-cooked.
With siblings all having long breaks,
how can I be not-tempted? :'(

Bought two private journals just now,
Oh my,they cost a lot.
Ask me in private if you want to know the price of each book,
I'm not gonna post it here to avoid being labeled as "super books-buyer".
I love them very very much!!
I'm too afraid to spoil them with my ugly handwriting.Lets hope not.

In the inside.

and I spotted this in Mid-valley just now.
Guess who's this?

I'm going crazy!!!!!!!

Exams coming up.
Patience, Yvette,
wait for another two weeks,
then you can rest and enjoy for awhile.
Grateful. :) xoxo,Y.

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