Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lady by the Lake

Off her face, she pulls back a thick strand of her hair.
With the sun shining gloriously,
her gaze locked onto the baby-blue sky.
It's a cloudless sunny day but her heart melts like the snow.

It's funny when it comes to love,
you seem elated ; you seem miserable.
The urge for her to leave is strong,
and it cause her almost to stumble on a curb and twist her ankle.
She lost herself somewhere on the way.
She says she could use some help along the way.
So I showed her what it was to cry.

The water around her was peaceful.
and she once saw some baby fish.
She held her chin up high,
just staring blankly at the sky,
and she realised,
she's not alone.
She will never be alone.

When I wake up tomorrow,
everything is going to be fine.
When I wake up tomorrow,
the sun will shines out bright.
I could use some cheering up.
and I miss God.
I miss God.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Please stop all the judgement and questions.
for I don't deserve any of them.

Please keep the reservation of your sympathy to yourself,
for I don't need any of your sympathies lies.

I could go back to my every laugh whenever I want to,
I have everything figured out myself,
Yes, I fell down from the cliff.
Once again, I'm hurt and can trust no one,
something has gone terribly wrong,
and I'm trying hard to swallow my pain.
You can said that I'm foolish,
but you can't said that I'm not trying.

I guess I'm fine,
I bet that I will be fine,
I tell you,
I ain't gonna fall anymore.
I will rise from the ground and get back up,
just in case you were wondering.

Well, as for now,
I guess I will just close my eyes,
tied myself together with a smile,
and said to myself:
"Get well soon, Yvette."