Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Silent Pain

Breathing Hard.
Embracing by dark,unkind sky,
Standing under the pouring filthy rain.
The Urge in me to run away is strong.
Far far away,and never look back.

It happen to be I'm losing my grip.
I'm cold.
I'm terrified with this uncontrolled silence.
My deepest thought scared me.
It's been awhile.
I'm tired of staying in perfectly control.

The room temperature is low.
I'm shivering in my thin jacket.
Broken dreams all lay on me.
Its heaviness caught my heart.
I'm suffocating.

Wish to undo the pains.
It hurts.
I guess I will just,
Walk alone,as always.Y.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

What's wrong Falling In Love with Shakespeare?

I can't see why people can't get it when I said I love Shakespeare.
I love his poet,the script of his story and Him in person okay!
Why the judging look? Hah.
OMiGosh,I'm dead serious people.
Don't said I made a joke out of it.

Oh,btw,I got a new computer-dictionary from my mom.Thanks mom! And it has got little children stories inside such as The Empire's New Clothes,The Snow Queen and much more.
Okay,I admit,it's actually a kind of dic that for a child but I guess I need it too?

Koh Family Gathering in a 5-stars hotel restaurant,again.I kinda not feel like going.I prefer to stay at home,stucking with L.Yvonne,rather than high-teaING with few uncles and aunties,probably sipping fruit juice. And listening to not-so-juicy gossips share by all mid-aged women.Gah.

Having quite a lazy and perfect-mood weekends at home.
My,my,I just LOVE being at home.
I read my fav book,studied,watched Sex & The City,bathed,worked for daddy,breakfast at Ipoh Town...

Let's hope that the weekdays are gonna be fun.
I barely can move.(lazy pig)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Happy Week ♥ Blessed

Moving away from the moody stressing week,I think I'm fine now.♪ ♫ ♪
Seriously,my first quiz was CRAZY!!
I'd studied 4 chapters of this huge thick marketing text book for God knows how many days I'd spent! But luckily I don't felt awful after I took the quiz.Lucky me.

Mid-Autumn Festival was the day before yesterday.It's one of the days in a year that families should gather together and celebrate.
Thinking that having quizzes and classes are so going to ruin my festival,I sulked and convinced daddy to come over.
In the end I had super great time with daddy and mommy in Mid Valley.Mom even got me new stocks and a dusky pink umbrella(which mine is kinda destroyed last sem). :)
How could a girl wishes more when she had everything?
I had a blessed day that day,best I ever had!♥
I have loads of moon-cakes,snacks,pastries,chocolates!!♥

I'm not a big fan of chocolates,but I Love This♥!!

After the quiz this morning,which was 0830am,
Jean,Kit,Me and Xian went to learning space(which is our col lab)and fbking.
Jean had her business quiz afterward and she pasted her notes on the computer screen so she won't get distracted.

In the end,See?

Oh btw,My nail-polish for this week is Sparkling Green!

which...JY said they looks like dragon skin... *sweat* *Hmmpphhhh*
so I changed to plain dark pink.
I guess it suited my mood too... :)

Had Replacement class later on today,
and now is 0308am,bah.
Gonna hit my bed soon.

xoxo,Y ♥

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Horror Night

The night is unkind.
Sharp Loud thunder brought all my thoughts back.
Gusty wind whistle in the dark,
Lightning that turns the sky white.
Storm is coming.

I watched a horror movie this morning-Jennifer's Body.
In my room,alone.
Okay,I admit,maybe it's not that scary but I just couldn't finish watching it.
I lifted my blanket near to my face so I can cover myself when I see bloody scenes.
Clearly,it's not working.I screamed anyway.
I just couldn't bring myself to finish the movie. *Sad+Terrified*

and...Good for me,
now the bloody scary scene keep repeating in my brain.
It's disgusting!!!
Someone please please kill me!!! *sobs*

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Didnt We Almost Have It All

Late night,
I missed you.
I'm worried about you.
Hope you are doing fine.

That is this thing called love.
which I had no idea what it is.
Never had really experienced it.

What is the feeling if I am swimming in the middle of the deep sea?
Will I swim within the big ocean?
Will the storm takes me down?

What is the feeling if I'm lying outdoor in the middle of the night,
looking out at the starry night?
Smelling at the sweet scent of wet grass?

What is the feeling after I lit up hundreds of candle lights,
Enjoyed the warm yellow light over me,
when I'm cuddle in my bed,
watching all the candles melt.

I wished to be like this.
Falling into deep thoughts,
Listen to my every breath,
Experience the air of silence,
someone lay his whisper on my pillow,
feel what love is,
swim in the deep sea,naked.

Everything will gonna be fine.Y♥

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I'm not disappointed,just dis-appoint-ed.

Covering with a mask now.
Heart-breaking inside.
Something block my way.
I don't feel so well.

Struggling so hard to stand up and stay firm,
yet I'd still failed.
Dreams fade.
Things are not going the way you want them to be.

I can't take them anymore.
I'm scared,and fragile.
broken easily,easy peasy.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Ain't not Daddy Like My Daddy !! :)

9th September 2010

Today is suppose to be a holiday.It's Raya Day.Classes still on in college which other colleges are on holidays.So unfair. :(
Having class at 8.Waking up at 7:08.I blamed L.Yv for not waking me up.She just shrugged and says: "Oh,I don't know that Ur class starts on 8.Usually you are still sleeping when I woke up."

I was totally blur when I reached my sit in Marketing class.I was in a deep sleeping mode until Ms Renee raised up her voice to kept us awake.Bah.

Brunch was superb!
Updated with Annabelle in Subway.Serious,we bumped into each other and I asked her to join me.We ended up talking so much that we don't want to leave Subway.
BTW,Subway made me smell like bread and coffee!! :(
Had Malaysian studies class after that.
Walked Jiachee back to hostel.

After daddy and mamsie fetching us,we went to Mid Valley.Have a heart-to-heart talk with mamsie in esquire kitchen.I found out that I'd grew older and more mature this year compared to last year.I'm glad.

Wanting to watch movie,we went for piranha.But we couldn't get a sit.So,we gone for Grown Ups.Wow,I love Adam Sandler man!He is the Hottest dad in US!Or maybe not,I should said Rufus Humphrey(Matthew Seetle) instead, Or maybe Ben Affleck? :)

Sushi afterward.

Then Home.
I was so tired I fell asleep and left the light on until mom came in on 1am and switch it off.She even on the fan for us.Oh,My,how I missed being pampered by Mommy.
Girl have fun today,Do ya? :)

10th September 2010

Book Fest fever is in KLCC,AGAIN!!Yeepeeeeey!! :)
I could still remember this early week,my friends all went there,WITHOUT ME!!Sad.I know I'm the one who rejected y'all,but sorry,I'm busy at that time. :)Always,the excuses.Ha-ha.

Good old dad,he LOVES us.He brought us to Suria this morning.Have breakfast in there.Superb yet crowded.
After that,dad bought us the entry tickets and we went in.Mom went shopping somewhere in the high-class shopping center,holding dad's credit cards.Ain't not daddy like my daddy!! Daddy is the BEST!!♥

Then,the frustrating part came.
Stucking in middle of nowhere in the super crowded book fest.I hate it!! *sobs*
People push and I push back.
Baskets slammed on my feet;Corner of someone's book clashing into my arms;Human stepping on each others foot,etc etc
Seriously,it's pain!!
Okay,I admit,I did gave a few people "tsk tsk" sound and irritated look but my head was spinning like crazy when I'm inside.And I especially hate someone's arm brushing against my arm!!Unless,a hot guy,maybe?
It's so ewwwwwww!!!
Well,maybe it wasn't that bad to stuck in here.
I bought two books.LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My LOVE is in the air now. :)
Trading Up & One Fifth Avenue!!

I love my books so so much!! Lunch at KFC on our way back.
Serious? Mom's at KFC!!
PS: Mom bought lots of stuff and she don't want me to know what have she bought.I wonder what would them be.But,I know that one of 'em is a huge black-golden handbag!Wonder how much it costs...Hmmmm...

Having fun today,what about y'all? (ignore my previous similar line,now I'm really asking you.) :)


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'm Blessed. ♥

Mind You,it's not a hot bubbles bath that I want.
It's the foam I got from the washing dishes.Gah.
Speaking of washing dishes,
I'm a Pro.(at least I thought so.) :)
I'm being trained by my dad since I was,erm,10 years old?

I've got no idea why I am blogging about being a Pro in washing dishes.
Thunder roars in the evening.
Wind blown.
Rains fell.
The air was cold.
Watching the rain,I'm stuck in my room.
Such a strong storm.
In silence,I prayed that everyone will be safe under the storm.
I was cold,terrified by the loud storm,but can't help feeling blessed to have a shelter and comfy bed to rely on.

Heavy clouds dismissed at late evening.
Windows open.
Fresh Air yet still super cold.

Ignore my messy look.

Thick clouds? No.

I'm blessed. :)


Being Humiliated,TWICE!!

Thanks to ShaunDuncan and Jieying,I decided to remove my yellow nail color.
Monday morning,beautiful 0930,sat beside Jieying.

Jieying: Eh Yvette,why Ur nail color like that one?
Me : Oh,that's just...I'm going to repaint it tonight.
Jieying: Oh,okay...

Embarrassed 1.

That night,I am so busy blogging and burying my head into books,I forgot to remove it.

Tuesday,in Macro class again.
Chit-chatting with ShaunD.

SD: Yer,why Ur nails like that de?
Me: Okay,I know it's ugly,I'm going to repaint it tonight.
SD: Okay...haha

Embarrassed 2.

In case I didn't humiliated by someone again in Macro class(which I had it on Wed),I removed my nail polished that night.

Room scene when I'm removing my nails.

L.Yvonne: Oh,finally!!
Me : What?
L.Yvonne: Did U scared someone's going to criticize Ur nail tomorrow?
Me : Yeah! Especially friends in Macro class.They LOVE judging!
(Macro class friends,U know who U R!) :)

Now my nails is officially clean and natural.
Good for Me.Y♥

Sunday, 5 September 2010

It Must Have Been Love

Ignore my title.
I am being a little bit high,love this songs since I was a kiddo.
It's romantic yet tragic. :(

Yesterday is a blessed and fun day.Went out with Grandma,Emily,Casey and Yvonne.Our first stop is Coffee Bean in Mid Valley.Casey GoGo have to meet some client there so we got some drink while waiting.

Me & Grandma
We got up and go shopping when we are tired of waiting.Walk around the mall and I immediately regret for not bringing much money to buy something I longed for. :(
Heels,Bags,Accessories, all were driven me crazy!!
Lunch at Food Court,nothing much except I bought grandma a korean meal.(PPProud!)
Watch a Singapore movie(don't know what's it called,something with cow,maybe?)which grandma want to watch so much.It's only an okay for me.I'm not really fond of Singapore movie.

Next stop is Low Yat shopping mall.Oh,I don't really called that a shopping mall.It's a digital mall.I hate that place.I would never ever go there again,if its necessary!! and Oh,the place was so crowded that I almost suffocated!!Mild and mild of people!! and the musics were so loud!! and and I didn't even get a lovely cute stuff there!! Hate there so much!! (please someone,ask me to cool down!)Grrr...

Jam back home.
Out Again.
With Mom.
To dinner.
We were so pissed after Low Yat and tired that we hardly spoke until the meal is over. and did I mentioned that the restaurant was so HOT?? No air-con. Suffered again.More pissed.

Pissed.Food Please...

Hey,we want desperate look... heeeheee

To Mom's school for awhile.I never been to another school at night.The dog was freaking me out.Whooofff...I hate dogs yet puppies are so cute!!

Back at home.Finished my last 2 episode drama.Love the drama. :)
Crammed Stomach and dozed off.Y♥.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

I'm So Dead

Just when I thought today can be label as one of my happy days,bad news popped out.

Feeling disappointed over you.
I don't expected everything from you ever again.
Okay,maybe not ever.
But,you kinda lost my respect.
Yet you can still giggling with whoever is that over the phone.

Another thing is,
my Macroeconomics.
Might be changing my classes all over again.
I don't want that to happen!
I'm fine with my friends,lecturers and everything!
Screw You Macro!

Shredded to pieces.
Excited mood pulls off.
Depression increases.
Having a headache.
I'm so so dead. :(

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Feeling quiet now.
I guess I have to sleep over it.
Enough with the mask.
I'm tired.

Just When I needed You Most

First day of new semester.
Of course,I wasn't late.
Only the first class,we had cockroach in our classroom.
And it's only 6 of us,7 actually,plus Mr.Alex.
A good start eh?

The day had been busy.
But maybe,not so busy actually.
Being random now.
Someone save me.