Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Being Humiliated,TWICE!!

Thanks to ShaunDuncan and Jieying,I decided to remove my yellow nail color.
Monday morning,beautiful 0930,sat beside Jieying.

Jieying: Eh Yvette,why Ur nail color like that one?
Me : Oh,that's just...I'm going to repaint it tonight.
Jieying: Oh,okay...

Embarrassed 1.

That night,I am so busy blogging and burying my head into books,I forgot to remove it.

Tuesday,in Macro class again.
Chit-chatting with ShaunD.

SD: Yer,why Ur nails like that de?
Me: Okay,I know it's ugly,I'm going to repaint it tonight.
SD: Okay...haha

Embarrassed 2.

In case I didn't humiliated by someone again in Macro class(which I had it on Wed),I removed my nail polished that night.

Room scene when I'm removing my nails.

L.Yvonne: Oh,finally!!
Me : What?
L.Yvonne: Did U scared someone's going to criticize Ur nail tomorrow?
Me : Yeah! Especially friends in Macro class.They LOVE judging!
(Macro class friends,U know who U R!) :)

Now my nails is officially clean and natural.
Good for Me.Y♥

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