Thursday, 16 September 2010

Didnt We Almost Have It All

Late night,
I missed you.
I'm worried about you.
Hope you are doing fine.

That is this thing called love.
which I had no idea what it is.
Never had really experienced it.

What is the feeling if I am swimming in the middle of the deep sea?
Will I swim within the big ocean?
Will the storm takes me down?

What is the feeling if I'm lying outdoor in the middle of the night,
looking out at the starry night?
Smelling at the sweet scent of wet grass?

What is the feeling after I lit up hundreds of candle lights,
Enjoyed the warm yellow light over me,
when I'm cuddle in my bed,
watching all the candles melt.

I wished to be like this.
Falling into deep thoughts,
Listen to my every breath,
Experience the air of silence,
someone lay his whisper on my pillow,
feel what love is,
swim in the deep sea,naked.

Everything will gonna be fine.Y♥

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