Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'm Blessed. ♥

Mind You,it's not a hot bubbles bath that I want.
It's the foam I got from the washing dishes.Gah.
Speaking of washing dishes,
I'm a Pro.(at least I thought so.) :)
I'm being trained by my dad since I was,erm,10 years old?

I've got no idea why I am blogging about being a Pro in washing dishes.
Thunder roars in the evening.
Wind blown.
Rains fell.
The air was cold.
Watching the rain,I'm stuck in my room.
Such a strong storm.
In silence,I prayed that everyone will be safe under the storm.
I was cold,terrified by the loud storm,but can't help feeling blessed to have a shelter and comfy bed to rely on.

Heavy clouds dismissed at late evening.
Windows open.
Fresh Air yet still super cold.

Ignore my messy look.

Thick clouds? No.

I'm blessed. :)


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