Saturday, 30 October 2010

Thank God Is FRIDAY !!

They say Thank God is Friday. :)

A beautiful sunny Friday morning,but I was tugged under my comfy comforter,with the electronic fan producing cool air on my face.
while L.Yvonne was probably sitting in class,scribbling down her notes.
I know,I'm a lazy-bone.Stop telling me that. :p

Friday means Home sweet Home.
Dad's fetching us back to the castle,again.
We stopped at one cute restaurant(forgot what it's name) and have our lunch.The restaurant was pretty cool.It had Halloween and Anime's decoration all over the place.
and there are so many comics and magazines for the customers to read while waiting for their food to be served.
I think their target market is for those young adults or teens who loves Anime.(gosh,too much Marketing!)
Seriously,the place was incredible and amazing. :) and I have my favourite Fish fillet cheese baked rice!! Yummy.

Later then,mom came home with fulled bag of food.Guess what? The little children in Mom's school was celebrating their Happy Children's Day. But Mom never brought junk foods home.(which I think mom was not so fun during my primary school time.)
Again,I was stuffed. :/

Night at The Curve.Sakae Sushi's for dinner.
Dear dear,my whole post is mentioning about food!!
Bought a cute headband and a Hello Kitty pencil case afterward.

why Hello Kitty?
It's Children's Day,remember?
*wink* Yvette.♥

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Shangri-La Night ♥

I wish to become a genius sometimes.
well,a girl can dreamed.
Turns out,the truth hurts.
Instead a genius,I'm a folly plain girl.

Went shopping with Mammy the on Friday.
Bought my dress.
And it somehow drove mammy a little bit crazy.
Have a little cat-fight with her,
Yeah I know,it's expensive,mom,I promise I will careful with it. :)

The night before was awesome.
Went to cousin sister's wedding dinner,at Shangri-La Luxury Hotel.
I love that place once I step in.
It's so grand! and Classy! and the deem yellow light was warmth on my whole body!
How I wish I can live in that building. though it's a hotel.

Ladies and Gentlemen all dress up.
Glasses clinking,
Jewels sparkling,
Waitress serving drinks,
Guests chomping long short-bread,
Crowds talk in soft-low-tone,
These were the view I had observed.
Met a few Uncles and Aunties.
All praised me and L.Yv pretty...♥
so sweet to hear.I'm flying up now.Someone pulls me down.

The dishes was brilliant as well!
It's individually served,(if U get what I mean)
so people don't have to rise and scoop some in their plate.
but it's kinda cold there,since I'm wearing sleeveless,and a Dress!!
The bride looks stunning,which bride don't?
The bridegroom,uh hem,No judgment here.Same as always. :p

Sad thing was,I sat with a good-looking guy.
Turns out he is my dad's cousin.Awwwwwwwww.How sad.
But he is kinda friendly and fun,and he worked at E&C before.
How coincidence...LOL

I'm proud of my daddy,seriously.So proud.♥
Among all,you are the best!
I'm glad that I'm your daughter.
Thanks for giving me hope and courage whenever I failed.
Thanks for being there for me when I'm not firm.
Thanks for everything. and I LOVE YOU!!very very much.

Worst news: Going back to Residence later.
Bored is the best word to describe my feeling to it.
The week is gonna be bloody busy.
Stay tuned.Y ♥

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mission Incomplete

I'm so gonna swallow up all my Malaysian Studies tonight.
and tomorrow my Macro 3 Chapters.
and Marketing 8 chapters.
and Statistics 5 chapters.
Long way to go,huh?

I'm off people.Y♥

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Has Autumn gone yet?
If I'm in Europe countries now,I surely will miss the red leaves and cold breeze of the wind.
Will the wind make my cheek turn pink?
Will I get a cold?

Daddy and Mommy cheer me up tonight.
I guess I got a strong boost from them now,to be happy.
Nothing is gonna change my mood from now on.How I Wish.
I hate when my mood swings.
I lose control every single time.

Can't wait to be home on Saturday.
I miss them.All of them.
and I knew that I shouldn't be "obsessed" by Alexa Chung all the time.

and...Malaysian Studies quiz made me gone wild.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

I Missed U

I missed you. So much.
I had a bad day.
How is yours? I wonder.

I thought I was strong enough to smile.
I thought I can handle it myself without you all's help.
but I can't. really I can't.
I want to go home so dearly.I missed home.
I missed daddy,I want mommy,I need you.

Friends are like bees.They flies from flower to flower.
This are so not called friends. :(
I guess all I had to do is straight up and stay firm.

Comfort me? I beg you,like those days.

Good night,people.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hi,I'm the new salesgirl,name Yvette.♥

Down Down Down.
I'm feeling super down and hyper today.
Am I too fake when I smiled at everyone and laugh at their jokes?Hope not.
I'd tried to persuade people to buy my cupcakes.
I'd tried to play nice.
I'd tried to put on a real grin.
I'd tried not to judge.
But somehow someone pissed me off.and humiliated front of my friends.

Skip my following 3 line,I wasn't who I was.

*Hey fella,if you don't want to buy my stuff,then say no thanks.
There is not a need to acted like I'm forcing you to buy!
You BUGS Me!!My cute cupcakes are all so good that you don't even suit them!

But there is a sweet guy buying 4 cupcakes,2 for him and his friend,
and one for Yee Kit and another one is for ME!!! Thanks although I don't know you!!:)

This assignment made me think fast.
Made my dreams (of treating family a hearty meal using what I've earned) fade.
Made me disappointed.
Made me shouted loud.
Made me quiet in class.
the most imp,
Made me strong. :)


Friday, 1 October 2010

♡ Jealousy,Oppsss... ♡

OK,I admit.My jealous streak is showing.

Someone's throwing a party tomorrow,I guess it's a big one,for her "sexy 18",and L.Yvonne got the invitation to it and I'm not.How cruel. :(
Just imagine people dressing up,dancing around,sipping champagne and fool around.
Oh my,I'm really getting jealous.

Instead of enjoying the party,I guess I will just slip into my jacket and head for the theater,and be a good daddy-girl.♡
Watching movie with my dad,who said my dad isn't cool?

Going back home made me think more clearly.
I found where I belong to.
Family & Home is where you can found back your fairytale and dreams.
Sugar Plum fairies,Glister Crown Princesses,but not Prince Charming.
Well,I guess I just have to pull away my worries. :) and
Home Sweet Home.Y ♥