Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hi,I'm the new salesgirl,name Yvette.♥

Down Down Down.
I'm feeling super down and hyper today.
Am I too fake when I smiled at everyone and laugh at their jokes?Hope not.
I'd tried to persuade people to buy my cupcakes.
I'd tried to play nice.
I'd tried to put on a real grin.
I'd tried not to judge.
But somehow someone pissed me off.and humiliated front of my friends.

Skip my following 3 line,I wasn't who I was.

*Hey fella,if you don't want to buy my stuff,then say no thanks.
There is not a need to acted like I'm forcing you to buy!
You BUGS Me!!My cute cupcakes are all so good that you don't even suit them!

But there is a sweet guy buying 4 cupcakes,2 for him and his friend,
and one for Yee Kit and another one is for ME!!! Thanks although I don't know you!!:)

This assignment made me think fast.
Made my dreams (of treating family a hearty meal using what I've earned) fade.
Made me disappointed.
Made me shouted loud.
Made me quiet in class.
the most imp,
Made me strong. :)


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