Saturday, 30 October 2010

Thank God Is FRIDAY !!

They say Thank God is Friday. :)

A beautiful sunny Friday morning,but I was tugged under my comfy comforter,with the electronic fan producing cool air on my face.
while L.Yvonne was probably sitting in class,scribbling down her notes.
I know,I'm a lazy-bone.Stop telling me that. :p

Friday means Home sweet Home.
Dad's fetching us back to the castle,again.
We stopped at one cute restaurant(forgot what it's name) and have our lunch.The restaurant was pretty cool.It had Halloween and Anime's decoration all over the place.
and there are so many comics and magazines for the customers to read while waiting for their food to be served.
I think their target market is for those young adults or teens who loves Anime.(gosh,too much Marketing!)
Seriously,the place was incredible and amazing. :) and I have my favourite Fish fillet cheese baked rice!! Yummy.

Later then,mom came home with fulled bag of food.Guess what? The little children in Mom's school was celebrating their Happy Children's Day. But Mom never brought junk foods home.(which I think mom was not so fun during my primary school time.)
Again,I was stuffed. :/

Night at The Curve.Sakae Sushi's for dinner.
Dear dear,my whole post is mentioning about food!!
Bought a cute headband and a Hello Kitty pencil case afterward.

why Hello Kitty?
It's Children's Day,remember?
*wink* Yvette.♥

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