Sunday, 24 October 2010

Shangri-La Night ♥

I wish to become a genius sometimes.
well,a girl can dreamed.
Turns out,the truth hurts.
Instead a genius,I'm a folly plain girl.

Went shopping with Mammy the on Friday.
Bought my dress.
And it somehow drove mammy a little bit crazy.
Have a little cat-fight with her,
Yeah I know,it's expensive,mom,I promise I will careful with it. :)

The night before was awesome.
Went to cousin sister's wedding dinner,at Shangri-La Luxury Hotel.
I love that place once I step in.
It's so grand! and Classy! and the deem yellow light was warmth on my whole body!
How I wish I can live in that building. though it's a hotel.

Ladies and Gentlemen all dress up.
Glasses clinking,
Jewels sparkling,
Waitress serving drinks,
Guests chomping long short-bread,
Crowds talk in soft-low-tone,
These were the view I had observed.
Met a few Uncles and Aunties.
All praised me and L.Yv pretty...♥
so sweet to hear.I'm flying up now.Someone pulls me down.

The dishes was brilliant as well!
It's individually served,(if U get what I mean)
so people don't have to rise and scoop some in their plate.
but it's kinda cold there,since I'm wearing sleeveless,and a Dress!!
The bride looks stunning,which bride don't?
The bridegroom,uh hem,No judgment here.Same as always. :p

Sad thing was,I sat with a good-looking guy.
Turns out he is my dad's cousin.Awwwwwwwww.How sad.
But he is kinda friendly and fun,and he worked at E&C before.
How coincidence...LOL

I'm proud of my daddy,seriously.So proud.♥
Among all,you are the best!
I'm glad that I'm your daughter.
Thanks for giving me hope and courage whenever I failed.
Thanks for being there for me when I'm not firm.
Thanks for everything. and I LOVE YOU!!very very much.

Worst news: Going back to Residence later.
Bored is the best word to describe my feeling to it.
The week is gonna be bloody busy.
Stay tuned.Y ♥

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