Friday, 1 October 2010

♡ Jealousy,Oppsss... ♡

OK,I admit.My jealous streak is showing.

Someone's throwing a party tomorrow,I guess it's a big one,for her "sexy 18",and L.Yvonne got the invitation to it and I'm not.How cruel. :(
Just imagine people dressing up,dancing around,sipping champagne and fool around.
Oh my,I'm really getting jealous.

Instead of enjoying the party,I guess I will just slip into my jacket and head for the theater,and be a good daddy-girl.♡
Watching movie with my dad,who said my dad isn't cool?

Going back home made me think more clearly.
I found where I belong to.
Family & Home is where you can found back your fairytale and dreams.
Sugar Plum fairies,Glister Crown Princesses,but not Prince Charming.
Well,I guess I just have to pull away my worries. :) and
Home Sweet Home.Y ♥

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