Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rhythm of My Heart ❤

See,see this?

Oh,I can't really sleep for the night!!
I can't describe how joyful I am!!
Credit to Xinchen againnnnn!!! :D
Postscript:Pardon my accent,I've been watching "My Fair Lady" for an hour!!

I'm very suprised that mom actually nodded her head when I asked if I can buy a book I wanted for so long! Thanks mom!! Love love love you BEST!!

Today indeed is a very happy day!!! La la la dee dum~~~
Thank God for everything!!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Beauty in colors

I dreamt about me holding against thick sharp colorful pencil last night.
I drew and colored on my scrapbook,
with all different colors crayons and pencils scattered around me on the floor.
I did a wonderful job on my painting.
Huge sigh because it only happened in my dream.

I could draw,
thanks to mom for sending me & my siblings to painting class when we were young.
but I couldn't paint well.
I always ruined my drawings whenever I worked on the coloring part.
I remembered I used to have a set of Snoopy coloring pencils,
the pink one always was the shortest because I've used them so much,
Spare me,I just LOVE Pink so much!! :)

Sometimes when they were drowned in deep of thoughts,
or when they were having any kind of emotions,
Painters drew and painted to express themselves.
I think that was a good idea,
maybe I should try eh?

Seriously,I need to start out my plan soon.
Stay tune ;)
Hasta la Vista.