Thursday, 4 November 2010

I Heart ♥ Pink. No Doubt.

I've been busy.(look at the date of my last post)
It's been a week.A not-so-stressful week. :)

A very familiar ring-tone woke me up on 0730 this morning.
Which means mom's calling. That early.On an official holiday.Deepavali.
I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath after hanging up the phone.
Which means Mom & Dad are coming over to fetch us for breakfast in 20 minutes time.
and I'm still dizzy,and haven't pack my stuff.
But after that I had a very heartfelt breakfast,or should be my brunch,in a cozy coffee shop.The shop is almost same like the Old Town Coffee Shop,just that the name is different.
I had my worst drink ever.Sugarless hot lemon tea.Urghhhhhhh. but I had to flushed it all down to my throat to prevent wastage. :(
and yet,I'm still dizzy.

My week had been good.
Got most of my papers back.and I'm quite satisfied with my Macro.Which is the one I worried the most.I shouldn't. :p
and I didn't ate any fast food this week!!Good girl,eh?
except maybe Subway,I don't know whether it's counted as one.
I'd eaten lots of bread this week.3 days in a row.I'm becoming the next Mom(bread-lover).

Excessive sleep? Mhmmmm, No. :)
Marketing assignment is almost done,which I'm glad.Got some unhappy incident happened,again.
and got commented by ShaunD again,on my nails.but he praised mine this time.:)

A lot of people commented on my cute pinky Hello Kitty pencil case.
Even Ms Renee. and my not-so-close classmate.
Some said too pinkish;Some said it got no mouth(PS:A Lecturer);Some complained why I even bought her(my Pinky is a HER),She drove many little girls crazy...and a lot more.
I still remember mom smiling but shaking her head when I was taking Pinky and head for the cashier.Ha-ha.

I realize that I'm really into long-sleeves shirt these days. :)
Am I weird. Okay I know I am.
Prom's next friday.I'm quite looking forward to it.
Girls just wanna have fun!! :)

PS: today is Friday,not Thurs.Look at my date.See?

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