Monday, 29 November 2010

Cure Injection.

Feeling better today,but maybe not.Idk.
It's 1am now,and I'm still practicing for my macro slides.
With L.Yv accompany me cause she is having mocks this week.
such a bloody busy week.

Last week of my foundation program.
I'm relieved,but yet started to missed it.
Days when I'm a college student seemed so far away.
and now I'm moving on,to a degree student.
to be more mature and responsible in everything.
I must be tough.
I guess I can't be soft anymore,it seems like everyone is taking granted on my softness.
They said I should be meaner and stand up to those who've hurt me.
I just smiled and leave it.
Maybe,maybe should I?

Some friends are not friends.
They just pretend that they are.
It's not that I fear you because I'd not fought back.
It just that I wanted to regain a little bit for our friendship.
If you're not appreciate,don't blame me.
My curtains are closing.

Gonna wake up early tomorrow.
Discussion's 8am.
Am gonna be happy today.Y♥.


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  2. yea. i know the feel~cheer up~