Friday, 10 September 2010

Ain't not Daddy Like My Daddy !! :)

9th September 2010

Today is suppose to be a holiday.It's Raya Day.Classes still on in college which other colleges are on holidays.So unfair. :(
Having class at 8.Waking up at 7:08.I blamed L.Yv for not waking me up.She just shrugged and says: "Oh,I don't know that Ur class starts on 8.Usually you are still sleeping when I woke up."

I was totally blur when I reached my sit in Marketing class.I was in a deep sleeping mode until Ms Renee raised up her voice to kept us awake.Bah.

Brunch was superb!
Updated with Annabelle in Subway.Serious,we bumped into each other and I asked her to join me.We ended up talking so much that we don't want to leave Subway.
BTW,Subway made me smell like bread and coffee!! :(
Had Malaysian studies class after that.
Walked Jiachee back to hostel.

After daddy and mamsie fetching us,we went to Mid Valley.Have a heart-to-heart talk with mamsie in esquire kitchen.I found out that I'd grew older and more mature this year compared to last year.I'm glad.

Wanting to watch movie,we went for piranha.But we couldn't get a sit.So,we gone for Grown Ups.Wow,I love Adam Sandler man!He is the Hottest dad in US!Or maybe not,I should said Rufus Humphrey(Matthew Seetle) instead, Or maybe Ben Affleck? :)

Sushi afterward.

Then Home.
I was so tired I fell asleep and left the light on until mom came in on 1am and switch it off.She even on the fan for us.Oh,My,how I missed being pampered by Mommy.
Girl have fun today,Do ya? :)

10th September 2010

Book Fest fever is in KLCC,AGAIN!!Yeepeeeeey!! :)
I could still remember this early week,my friends all went there,WITHOUT ME!!Sad.I know I'm the one who rejected y'all,but sorry,I'm busy at that time. :)Always,the excuses.Ha-ha.

Good old dad,he LOVES us.He brought us to Suria this morning.Have breakfast in there.Superb yet crowded.
After that,dad bought us the entry tickets and we went in.Mom went shopping somewhere in the high-class shopping center,holding dad's credit cards.Ain't not daddy like my daddy!! Daddy is the BEST!!♥

Then,the frustrating part came.
Stucking in middle of nowhere in the super crowded book fest.I hate it!! *sobs*
People push and I push back.
Baskets slammed on my feet;Corner of someone's book clashing into my arms;Human stepping on each others foot,etc etc
Seriously,it's pain!!
Okay,I admit,I did gave a few people "tsk tsk" sound and irritated look but my head was spinning like crazy when I'm inside.And I especially hate someone's arm brushing against my arm!!Unless,a hot guy,maybe?
It's so ewwwwwww!!!
Well,maybe it wasn't that bad to stuck in here.
I bought two books.LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My LOVE is in the air now. :)
Trading Up & One Fifth Avenue!!

I love my books so so much!! Lunch at KFC on our way back.
Serious? Mom's at KFC!!
PS: Mom bought lots of stuff and she don't want me to know what have she bought.I wonder what would them be.But,I know that one of 'em is a huge black-golden handbag!Wonder how much it costs...Hmmmm...

Having fun today,what about y'all? (ignore my previous similar line,now I'm really asking you.) :)


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