Thursday, 23 September 2010

Happy Week ♥ Blessed

Moving away from the moody stressing week,I think I'm fine now.♪ ♫ ♪
Seriously,my first quiz was CRAZY!!
I'd studied 4 chapters of this huge thick marketing text book for God knows how many days I'd spent! But luckily I don't felt awful after I took the quiz.Lucky me.

Mid-Autumn Festival was the day before yesterday.It's one of the days in a year that families should gather together and celebrate.
Thinking that having quizzes and classes are so going to ruin my festival,I sulked and convinced daddy to come over.
In the end I had super great time with daddy and mommy in Mid Valley.Mom even got me new stocks and a dusky pink umbrella(which mine is kinda destroyed last sem). :)
How could a girl wishes more when she had everything?
I had a blessed day that day,best I ever had!♥
I have loads of moon-cakes,snacks,pastries,chocolates!!♥

I'm not a big fan of chocolates,but I Love This♥!!

After the quiz this morning,which was 0830am,
Jean,Kit,Me and Xian went to learning space(which is our col lab)and fbking.
Jean had her business quiz afterward and she pasted her notes on the computer screen so she won't get distracted.

In the end,See?

Oh btw,My nail-polish for this week is Sparkling Green!

which...JY said they looks like dragon skin... *sweat* *Hmmpphhhh*
so I changed to plain dark pink.
I guess it suited my mood too... :)

Had Replacement class later on today,
and now is 0308am,bah.
Gonna hit my bed soon.

xoxo,Y ♥

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