Sunday, 5 September 2010

It Must Have Been Love

Ignore my title.
I am being a little bit high,love this songs since I was a kiddo.
It's romantic yet tragic. :(

Yesterday is a blessed and fun day.Went out with Grandma,Emily,Casey and Yvonne.Our first stop is Coffee Bean in Mid Valley.Casey GoGo have to meet some client there so we got some drink while waiting.

Me & Grandma
We got up and go shopping when we are tired of waiting.Walk around the mall and I immediately regret for not bringing much money to buy something I longed for. :(
Heels,Bags,Accessories, all were driven me crazy!!
Lunch at Food Court,nothing much except I bought grandma a korean meal.(PPProud!)
Watch a Singapore movie(don't know what's it called,something with cow,maybe?)which grandma want to watch so much.It's only an okay for me.I'm not really fond of Singapore movie.

Next stop is Low Yat shopping mall.Oh,I don't really called that a shopping mall.It's a digital mall.I hate that place.I would never ever go there again,if its necessary!! and Oh,the place was so crowded that I almost suffocated!!Mild and mild of people!! and the musics were so loud!! and and I didn't even get a lovely cute stuff there!! Hate there so much!! (please someone,ask me to cool down!)Grrr...

Jam back home.
Out Again.
With Mom.
To dinner.
We were so pissed after Low Yat and tired that we hardly spoke until the meal is over. and did I mentioned that the restaurant was so HOT?? No air-con. Suffered again.More pissed.

Pissed.Food Please...

Hey,we want desperate look... heeeheee

To Mom's school for awhile.I never been to another school at night.The dog was freaking me out.Whooofff...I hate dogs yet puppies are so cute!!

Back at home.Finished my last 2 episode drama.Love the drama. :)
Crammed Stomach and dozed off.Y♥.

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