Sunday, 26 September 2010

What's wrong Falling In Love with Shakespeare?

I can't see why people can't get it when I said I love Shakespeare.
I love his poet,the script of his story and Him in person okay!
Why the judging look? Hah.
OMiGosh,I'm dead serious people.
Don't said I made a joke out of it.

Oh,btw,I got a new computer-dictionary from my mom.Thanks mom! And it has got little children stories inside such as The Empire's New Clothes,The Snow Queen and much more.
Okay,I admit,it's actually a kind of dic that for a child but I guess I need it too?

Koh Family Gathering in a 5-stars hotel restaurant,again.I kinda not feel like going.I prefer to stay at home,stucking with L.Yvonne,rather than high-teaING with few uncles and aunties,probably sipping fruit juice. And listening to not-so-juicy gossips share by all mid-aged women.Gah.

Having quite a lazy and perfect-mood weekends at home.
My,my,I just LOVE being at home.
I read my fav book,studied,watched Sex & The City,bathed,worked for daddy,breakfast at Ipoh Town...

Let's hope that the weekdays are gonna be fun.
I barely can move.(lazy pig)

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