Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Night To Remember

That's Ma Boy!! :)

Finally fulfilled my wish for July by watching Captain America tonight.:D
It was awesome!!
I still can't get enough of Chris Evans!
Sweet people around me might started to get bored of me,
cause I actually blushed and talked a lot whenever the topic is around Captain A or Chris E.

Went to Chilis with Lil.Yvonne,Nadia & Harry after movie.
The night was real fun and memorable.
It's the night that I can finally put down all my burdens and lamentos behind.
and I laughed so hard about everything,
It felt so good and so right to be laughing again.
How I wished the night wouldn't have ended so quick.
Such a magical night that is. :D

I still have a lot of things to go through starting tomorrow,
mostly the tough one,
I'm responsible for my own mood swing.
I'm a big girl, I bet I can handle myself eh?
Dream big,Yvette. xxxo

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