Saturday, 23 July 2011

Who needs the world if I got my family.

I like waking up seeing that everything is okay,
I'm not a morning person,
waking up is the hardest part for me every single morning,
and I hate the thought that I have to roll outta bed and get down on my feet.
Unfortunately I can't sleep late at home,
for daddy, it's not a nice thing to do.

So I got up early this morning,
went breakfast with family,
without missing my bed like a child misses his blanket,
and I'm loving every minute of it!
It's the first time in my whole entire life that I woke up without a forcing smile or displeasure frown,
This is frightening at first, and a lil not possible,
and I still can't believe that I had that very quick peaceful moment.
It's perfect and true,how shocking!

btw,I made dumplings with Mamsie this afternoon,
It's my first time to chop some raw meats,like a butcher, :D
fill the fillings and fold the dumplings.
but my skill ain't good enough,
turns out my dumplings's skins are too thick,
but still yummy tho. :)

Human might be hurtful sometimes,
they chained their doors,put up their defenses and weapons to protect themselves.
But for those who're not guard up and all innocent,
they get broken hearts easily.
Ask me,if I'm the one,
but honestly I tell you,
I'm always the weaker one,
it's a family trait,I guess.

So for those hurtful people with your blazing sword out there,
don't cross over someone's limit.
Fool me once, shame on you,
but fool my family,you're a dead meat.
Just take note of that.

It's only July and I already started to miss the mistletoe on my Christmas tree.:D

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