Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm a Good Girl,eh?

It's a Monday night.
Suppose to be a school night.
I am being a good girl today.
I'm not going out tonight. :)

I have been stucking in my room after shopping in Giant.
Then cook.Y said I am doing a great job on cooking the beans.It is a huge encouragement for me. :) Thanks little Y.
Since I have nothing better to do in my room,guess what,I decided to clean my room!It's a huge cleaning process,now my back spine is hurting me crazy.

My organized closet!Mom will definitely gives me Thumbs Up!!:)

My Books!!


No more scattered CDs!!:)

A book I've been reading since I'm Back.A loan from Alex.Also,a book from England. :)

A Gift from Weng Kee to Alex to Yvette&Yvonne.

I am a good & hardworking girl right? *blushing*
Love God and My Family.Y ♥

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