Monday, 9 August 2010

Recovering ♥

I cried when I can't get hold of myself anymore.I shouted when I couldn't take things anymore.I hated myself when all things go all wrong.I don't want that to happen.I'm starting to be fear and terrified of them.Depression,Sober,Fear,Stress,Guilt,Disappointed,these things can really make one's feeling dying in their heart.Just like the Me yesterday.Tears are like waterfall,filled my eyes,springing down my cheeks.I tasted it.It's Salty.More depression.*sobs*

I felt quite cheerful today.It's not about a good day had started.Sunlight wasn't there when I woke up today.I can't get my energy from it.It's not about I had my breakfast today,which it's a rare thing for me to do.It's all about love.I got love from family&friends.I guess that their love remind my existence.I am still here.I'm still myself.Thanks guys,you all remind me that I'm still there.Thanks for your big love.Thanks Sam&Kerly,♥you guys are the best!!Thanks daddy&mommy and Yvonne,your love makes me strong♥.I guess I can get through it now.

Yes.I'm recovering.I can do this.I can go on with my life.♥Girl have to stay strong.

Wynne & Ade dear,do cheer up okay.I know that you two are depressed today.I know you are tired,but let us strive for our best okay?Promise me.Troubles are like washing machines, they twist, turn & knock us around, but in the end we come out brighter than before.So my dear,get over it.Whatever is bothering you,get over them.There will be no fear if you refuse to be afraid.I am very emo and tired and depressed these day,you can read my feelings through my blog,but I'm recovering now,I am.I don't wanna you 2 to be emo.I love you all.I give you all the love.Can you feel it now?I gained love from friends and family,that's why I'm stronger now.So I am passing my love to the two of you.cheers okay.I want you all to be happy.I love the two of you.♥

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