Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Over Chili's at BSC

8.00am: woke up by alarm.
8.30am: Rubbed my eyes & headed to the bathroom.
8.45am: Sat on my chair & stared blankly at my desk.
9.00am: Fully awake.Grabbed Yvonne to shop for groceries.
9.30am: Thinking of cooking.
10.00am: Cook.
11.00am: Face-booking.
11:15am: Spotted Mom on facebook.
11:30am: Mom called.
12.00pm: Had my Lunch.
1pm something: Jiachee knocked on my door.Asking for outing to MV.I rejected her.
2pm something: Thinking about washing dishes.
3pm something: Watch Romeo & Juliet.
4pm something: Mom called again,asking us to join a meal treat.DEFINITELY YES!
5pm something: Rush to shower.
6pm something: Meet Up with DAD & MOM!
Pah! I'm super duple triple FULL now.
Thanks 2 Dad & Mom for saving me from the suffocating hostel.
I did not expect a meal treat when mom called.
I rushed to take my shower after hanging up my conversations with mom.
I'm so duh,exited,maybe?(a feeling that you had been save by a hero or maybe heroine!)

Still,being taken out,there are some prices to pay.
1.Wait at Chili's Lounge for 45 minutes? I guess?
(made me feel jealous of famous people which they can "Reserved" their tables)
2.The food was long enough to be cooked.
3.Although you are so full,you have to finished whatever you've ordered.
(either gobbles all down and swallow it with full mouth of soda or slowly chew it)

Even Princess have to wait. :(

More waiting.

Window panes.


Okay,I know my skills sucks! :p

Mamsie & Me!!

Daddy doesn't want to be in the camera,though he is a professional photographer. :(
Thanks Dad & Mom once again.
I felt so warm today.Happy National Day.

Thanks God for giving me a big meal treat today.
I guess I'm being a good girl today? hah :)

Tomorrow's class 8am.
Girl have to sleep early.Y♥

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