Thursday, 26 August 2010

Looking Back

Despite a mosquito is flying around me,trying to suck my blood,I'm extremely in a Good mood.

Time flies when you are unaware of it.2nd Sem' results was out this evening.HAHA,that's all I can say for my results.Satisfied?No.Regret?No.I can only laugh about it and shout out "Thanks God."

Looking back,I'm still remember all my books and paper scattered around my study desk;pencils and highlighter busily taking notes on my book;hair all pinned up to be a nerd.I will not said that I hate this kind of life,but I'm kinda missed it.Called me CRAZY!

3rd semester is starting.5 more days to go,I guess I have to start trying to get hold of my pencils,PS: I haven't touch a pen for 13days!!Girl have to get ready. :)Thanks God for everything.I trust in You.Amen!

xoxo,Y ♥

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