Sunday, 22 August 2010

♥ Great Day (To be continued) ♥

I was totally out of my mind and insane yesterday.I rejected mom for offering me to buy any outfit I want!I guess my anger level yesterday had rise upon my rationality level.I'm a complete freak yesterday.

We do had our hearty big lunch+dinner (dunno what's that called) at the otak-otak restaurant.I don't quite like Malaysian delight,haha (I'm a HUGE FAN of western food) but I guess the restaurant turned out to be quite amazing.We order lots of food.Really lots.I felt like I never wanted to eat these food for the rest of my life,but who knows,my quote won't last.I might going to regret for saying that someday.
Pretty Mom+Me

Mom + A

Don't feel like uploading the food.The line here is driving me be continued...

xoxo,Y ♥

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