Monday, 2 August 2010

Greatest Fear

Things did get a little bit better today.Besides some tears that I couldn't control of,I'm okay.I'd tried to smiled.I'd tried to talked to others.I'd tried to finished my work.I think I'm quite happy today,can I count it as happy?I don't know.Just like what Ms Selina told me,Happy is a state of mind.It's me who decide whether I can be happy or not.Thanks Ms Selina,but why am I felt that I'm struggling for not let my tears falling down?Why am I doing this?I had wanted to be happy.I don't want to be emo.Why I just couldn't let go of my pains?

Message from God:
On this day of your life, Yvette, we believe God wants you to know ... that what you are most afraid of is where your greatest rewards are.
If all you had to do was wish for something and you would have it, life would be pretty boring, wouldn't it? God placed barriers between us and what we want, so we can enjoy interesting and satisfying lives. God hid our biggest rewards behind the highest barriers - our deepest fears. God wants us to face our fears, and hold ground in their presence, and let them go, and that's how we get out biggest rewards. What are you most afraid of? Say it, just start by saying it.

Is it true?My greatest fears?Am I be going to find out soon?What am I afraid for?Y.

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