Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What about now?

So many things had happened in just a few days.
Bad news spread fast.
I still can't accept the fact that you have gone forever.
Fighting back my tears,I said a prayer silently.
I asked God,
Heavenly Father,why? to take her with you in such a hurry?
leaving all the sadness and loneliness behind,
just when they needed her the most.
I just couldn't understand Your plan.
Still,no one to answer me,
Left all my questions behind.

My heart is in pain. So pain.
An unknown feeling rushed into me when I looked at your beautiful face.
I tried to memorize your face,cause I wanna remember you forever,
though you never knew my existence.
There you laid,peacefully.
Where are you now exactly? I wonder.
Probably surrounded by beautiful angels,eh?
or sitting on Father's feet?
I'd like to believe that. :)

Final's coming.
and I still hanging there,nor up or down.
In the middle,I suppose.
I should find a ladder soon. Y.

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