Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Worst Night Ever

Nightmares aren't always related to scary monsters or white-y ghosts.
Sleepless nights are,together with PMS.
I couldn't sleep for the whole night.
Hot night air made me breath even more harder.
Funny tickles and bloody pain in my stomach hits me hard,
reminded me every seconds that I'm bleeding underneath.
I never been so in pain.
I cried.
I prayed.
Still,it doesn't work.
What about my sweet fairy-tale dreams?
I'm supposed to dream about them in this hour.
Clock's ticking fast and I started to get frustrated.
No used trying to clear away your hidden thoughts.
I still can't dozed off.

It's 8 something now.
Didn't sleep much.
Mamsie can stop worrying about me having excessive sleep.Ha-ha.
Guess I should go take a chilling cold bath now.
then there goes my finals.
Aloha books,bye-bye fun!

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