Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Somehow I wish I could drive.

They said one's BFF(s) are always their secondary school friend.Indeed,that was very true to me.In school,I don't usually belonged to one gang.I'm always the fit-able one to any gang.Seriously,any gang.Good friends are anywhere and everywhere,but not best friends.

Over at my house today.Three of 'em.Having a lots of fun juicy gossips on my bed.Some of my precious were being tortured too!!! *sobs* They are just so violence.
and guess what? we played my old Barbie Doll.All these years I'd been trying to find someone to play with me.Bad luck that my sis don't play with me.She smirks at me and shakes her head.At last,I'd found my group.Ha-ha.Barbies are so fun! But I'm kinda surprised when mom smiled at me and said "Go and play on the floor." I happily carried the huge pink box to the living room and started to place a home for my Barbie and her babies.Oh my,how I missed the old time playing dolls and talked to them in secret...Daddy will said that I'm hopeless and childish ha-ha. :p

Feels like writing much but am really fighting hard against my eyelid.Wish to hang out with them tomorrow,but nobody's fetching me. *sobs*
and I hate it when someone is fetching me both going and coming back .I felt useless because I'm wasting people's petrol and don't know a single thing about driving.
They are fetching me tomorrow.
and I felt more useless. :(
Quiet now.

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