Monday, 20 December 2010

"I Do"

I dreamt of marrying a handsome prince charming someday when I was young.
Not now,of course,reality doesn't allowed that to happen.
I dreamt of myself dancing lightly in my very own puffy snow-white wedding dress.
or maybe I can go with dusty rose color dress?
I shouldn't have dream of this.Now I can't get the dress out of my mind.

"For Him,I do."

When the church bell rang "ding dong" on the top of the roof,
the priest started his speech,
With the presence of God,husband and wife speak out their vowels,looking at each other with unspoken love in their eyes.
Holy sweet words.
"Your cup will never be empty;for I will be your wine."
I love this phrase from the movie : Corpse Bride
Wedding rings then exchange.
and at last,the priest announce:"by holding hands,I now announce they are Husband & Wife."
How sweet.
Like a fairy tale.
Prince & Princesses live happily ever after.

and I'm still here,day-dreaming,that one day my hopes will come true.

Party tomorrow.
Very looking forward to meet CY again.
Girls have lots to update!!♥

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