Saturday, 1 January 2011

A moment like this ♥

I'd started my first day of 2011 good.The air-cond in our master-bedroom is working!! It's heartbeat had stop pulsing for at least five days,I think.When I randomly hit the ON button before I went to sleep,it works!! I would like to believe that's a good sign for my 2011.My 2011 would ROCKS!!I would be fine and I will survive!

Was having a delightful steamboat dinner at home with family!! It was so fun!Dad had woke up early this morning to buy sea-foods when I was still sounds asleep when he got back.Credits to dad!Love ya! :)

My birthday the day before had been great!Seriously,birthday wishes start flowing on my facebook wall when the clock turns 12.It's like a fairy-tale to me,made me think of Cinderella.Sexy 18 huh? I don't even felt sexy at all when I was suppose to.I don't wanna grow up.Wish that I could whine back the clock that I would be back to that innocent little girl that was still nonlegal.Wishes was like never stop.Somehow I wished they could go on and never stop.Then I had the reasons to go on.

First,kisses to Mamsie for staying up late just to wish me and L.Yv Happy Birthday.I should thank you for giving birth to us on this incredible world 18 years ago.Also,hugs to Alex for calling me all the way from Moscow just to said Happy Birthday.My,I'd missed you so much.Thanks for saying "I Love You".Can't wait for you to be back!! :) Next, A big thanks to Xinchen for making my birthday started beautifully.Thanks for the songs and the Hello Kitty cake!I'm so so touch! and I'd to start brain-storming for your coming soon birthday. Ha-ha.

Daddy brought us to have nice food in the morning.He even asked whether we wanted fast food,which normally he don't approved of,especially in the morning.Thanks Dad,love you!To avoid bad jam,we went The Curve for my birthday celebration dinner.Sushi was chosen since we had a last-day-voucher.

30th Dec 2010
Outing with the best of them four.Love y'all!My throat was so dry after screaming with you guys using the mic.Anyway,I still love to take photos in the toilet!! :p

Korean Food Fair:

PS: Never Make Somebody Your Everything, cause when they're gone, you've got nothing.


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