Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cold as Stone.

In the small uncozy bathroom.
Shivering in pain,facing the narrow wall.
Hot water poured down from the shower head,hitting hard on my bare skin.
Covered my whole moisten skin around by hot compressed steam,I never felt so relief.
Closing my eyes,I think of everything.You,you,you and you.
Silent thigh pain kills me,makes me feel like crying.
but no tears came out.
No matter how hard I knitted my eyebrows in a frown.
No matter how hard I tried to moaned in pain.
No matter how hard I bit my lips.

Shocking pains are killing me.
and my heartbeat pulsed fast,yet weaken down whenever I'd tried to breath.

Cold air slapping on my warmed body when I open the door.
It hurts,like thousand of needles.
Shivered like mad,I left the bathroom.
and head for another enduring pain.

Hot water doesn't help.
not as I was hoping it will.


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