Friday, 16 April 2010

Great Hunter

All the while,I had been having some problem on my own.I love shopping malls.Screw me.I had been "grounded" from shopping malls for at least 10++ days and I started to felt weird.After all the stressing exams and highlight texts,I AM FREE!!

14.04.10,went shopping with my one movie.The "Date Night",funny+hilarious.Watch with Yv and T.My heart started to thumped excitedly when I saw all the spot light shone on all the merchandise! OMG,I LOVE this!!So I bought some things,not goin' to tell you what I bought and how much they cost...Shhh...Boo...Called me a Great Hunter,my hobby is hunt for SPARKLING THINGS!!

I went back early that day,which pissed me off because of some ""problem,I had not enjoyed.So I was thinking that goin' to shop crazily(keep giving out my RM notes) this very coming weekend!! Cheers for Shopping!!

Just have my dinner with my beloved D&M,love them sooo MUCH!! and D had gave me 15min lectures...I swore to myself secretly, "I want to STUDY HARD"!!

Hope my following sem break I will enjoyed and refresh myself.Girl deserve a fun holiday~Y.♥

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