Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Life has become very hectic for me although it is only the start of my 2nd week.Homeworks and lectures notes drove me nuts!!I couldn't even have a fun feeling when I'm doing my homeworks...even worst,I had my fever now...I hate it!!I always hated it!!I can't really concentrated when my head was dizzy-ing!! What a luck I have...

Back to the studies,I had really training myself to finished all my things everyday,keep every things in order,organized my stationery set,put everything back after I used it.I had to changed.This 2nd sem is a new start.I cannot went wild and crazy like the first semester and get a not-good results...aim for more c and d this time for me,perhaps??I have to really play my part in my world,to be a better person I was long to be.♥

Have to get my hands off the keyboard and go back on my work.You go!~♥Girl have to be tough!!

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