Thursday, 20 May 2010

♥I'm just NOT into you♥

A Big thanks for the rain during the evening!! and also thanks for the big hot sharply burning sun that shone on my skin every afternoon when I'm heading off to my class!! Thanks for make my day so excited+ beautiful+soaking+burning!!I'm just so NOT into you!!

Btw,mom is planning a trip to penang this coming June...yay!! On a vacation,how fun is that goin' to be?? and guess what?? My bro is coming back,ps: with full of gifts!! Cheers fot the Gifts!!Hope he won't buy me a tiger pad for me anymore...teehee...erm,excuse me,I'm your GIRLY sister...haha...I'm so not into any wild animals...It's a blast he is coming back,I miss him.Hope he hasn't changed much and don't think me and Y are small kiddos again.

Hope for the best in future,:)Girl have to be happy.♥xoxo

~William Arthur Ward
A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.~

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