Monday, 15 August 2011

Stay Close, Don't Go.

Staring at all the maths equations in front of me,
listening to Lil.Yvonne's explanation one by one,
I couldn't help but feeling blankly confused.
I know she thinks that I'm not trying,
but actually I did.
at least I tried to be focus.
Maths is so not my type! D:
Maybe I'm to blame for not being smart enough.
It's a shame that it has to end up this way.

I'm so glad that I finally got a call from residence saying that I can have a single room.
I always wanted a room all to myself,
especially when you have a twin sister sharing bedroom with you for 19 years.
but after 5 minutes,I regretted.
I have been so selfish,
I have been so unwise,
For now,
I'll do anything if I can shared my room with my sister for the rest of my life,
At least I have her here beside me.
We chased for different paths,
we know that we are separating,
I don't think I can ever accept this fact.
I cried suddenly last week when I saw her things laying untouched around the room,
how I wished she is there with me,
sharing everything together.

She's my best sister ever,
She's the one that I thank God every night to have her,
What's mine is hers,
So stay close,don't go.

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