Sunday, 28 August 2011

You'll think of me.

Slowly, you embraced me.
With your strong arms as I paced forward.
I hold on my breath,
tried really hard not to picture you waving goodbye at me.
It was a quick hug,
short and simple,
safe and secure.
You made us think that you are worth the while,
for us to wait for the day you return.

To you, everything is beautiful.
You have no reason to be sad.
You seems cheerful everyday,
though there have been tough days.
Time seems to slow down whenever you're around.
Oh, how I wish you could stay longer,

same place,same target.

Saturday night,
Stood there and watched you gone sitting on the passenger side.
You seems to keep your emotions perfectly under control.
I can see your unwillingness,
It's written all over your face.
I looked away as you waved at us,
pretended to be caught on something,
blame it on my emotions inside,
I couldn't bring myself to meet your eyes,
I don't wanna break down,
I don't wanna to have this weird feeling.
In fact I felt a whole lot better when I turn myself away,
knowing that you will think of me when your're not with us.
I should never say goodbye because:
"Never say goodbye
because goodbye means going away
and going away means forgetting
." - Peter pan

we will be alright if you were wondering.
Lonely is the word to describe Christmas without you,
When we were putting up the decoration for the Christmas tree every year,
it's sad to notice one less pair of hands.

The day before when you were coming back.

But I know you are coming back soon,
hopefully for 3 weeks in next January.
I promise I will buy you some gifts for your birthday this year.
If only you are here with us for Christmas.
I will give up everything,
if we could travel back the time when we were still in primary school.
but it's never possible.

so please,
do me a favor,
Don't grow further and further,
just try to stay the same.

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